Light Bulb as Fish bowl Photoshop Manipulation

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Our Light Green 11cm Nimet Designer Fish Series Bowls are handmade, hand painted, sealed and kilned in the Nimet fair-trade factory. Owned and operated exclusively by Turkish women, the colors and designs reflect the ancient art of the Ottoman pottery and ceramic trade. Let the color and feel of the Spice Bazaar accent your home.
Christmas lights inside of a fishbowl! So cute!
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Available in 8 different sizes, this classic porcelain fish bowl planter from China is artfully hand-finished in a light Celadon crackle glaze. Our artisans use only the highest quality porcelain, fire glazed inside and outside for added strength. Add an elegant design statement with one of our available in a wide assortment of sizes (including ), styles and wood types. Remember to use the bottom diameter size when selecting your stand. classy glass lights- - must try this with a fish bowl!
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Light Bulb Fish Bowl! Recycle Your Blown-Out Light Bulbs! (Please use only very clean XLARGE bulbs for this DIY project. Keep in mind, pet shops use very small 8 - 12 oz containers for Bettas. These light bulbs are a half quart or more.)There are many advantages in putting aquarium plants in a fish bowl. It does not only add beauty to it, it also helps to prevent algae and break down fish wastes. For many fish owners, they focus a lot of their attention on the survival of their fishes. They don’t realize that the plants also need proper care and maintenance in order to stay alive, just like the fishes. Feeding, lighting, the type of plants, substrates and tank companions are all responsible for keeping the plants alive in a fish bowl.Wedding centre piece . Mirror tile and fishbowl with coloured tulle , LED candle and LED fairy lights . Table scatters and silk petals and LED tealight candles in glass holders . Beautiful and no fire hazardsChoosing the right type of plants is important to keep the plants alive. Choose a true aquatic plant for your fish bowl. Valisinaria, Hygrophilla, Java Fern, Anubias, and Hornwort are good choices for aquarium plants as they require lower light and are hardy in nature.Equip your fish bowl with traditional florescent tube lighting, or the new power florescent compact bulb. These lightings give off a proper light spectrum for the plants to stay alive. The lighting wattage and color temperature are also important considerations. Most plants enjoy light intensity of 2 to 3 watts per gallon of water. The lighting should give off a purplish or bluish glow from the spectrum. As the light penetrates to the bottom of the fish bowl, it ensures that there is enough light for plants that are submerged.3-D Fish Bowl Switchables stained glass night light cover. The fish dangles from behind the bowl and moves. ADORABLE! Remember to buy the Rotating plug that goes along with this.