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As contained aquatic ecosystems, aquariums require an external force to keep the water moving and filtered in order to prevent stagnation and the creation of an unsafe environment for plants and fish. Aquarium pumps and power heads provide the power needed to push water through the aquarium filter (if needed), or just to keep it circulating and healthy. Our Aquarium Pump store features a wide selection of top-of-the-line pumps for use in virtually every aquarium environment, whether large or small, fresh or saltwater.

Pet Mountain's Aquarium Pump store features top quality products from the most trusted names in aquarium care and equipment, including Rio, Marineland, Supreme, Aquatop, and more. are submersible and may be used with the Rio Pro Filter and/or Rio Large Fountain Heads. These pumps feature an energy-efficient design, are fully submersible, with quiet operation, low heat emission and a high flow rate. are 3-in-1 pumps that are ideal to meet the needs of internal/external functions in a powerhead, circulation pump or utility pump. These submersible maxi jet pumps are perfect for powering undergravel filters, protein skimmers, calcium reactors, or just for creating water movement within your tank. The is powerful, efficient, and versatile. With high flow rate and multi-purpose fittings, this pump can be used as a powerhead, circulation pump, and main system pump. Aquatop Submersible NP-Series Aquarium Pumps are ideal for small to medium aquariums, small ponds, water gardens and fountains. The NP series features an adjustable flow rate, which offers energy savings and allows the pump to operate at maximum efficiency.

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An aquarium air pump is a device which helps to oxygenate the water so your fish and other creatures have enough oxygen to survive in the fish tank. These things take air from the room and pump it into the water in order to oxygenate it. Aquarium air pumps usually use some kind of rubber diaphragm in combination with an which serves to pull air from the outside and push it through the water. SUNSUN Aquarium water pump 220V aquarium pump aquarium fish for the Submersible pump tank aquarium pumps JTP1800-JTP2800/10W-38W
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There is nothing written in stone that states what the minimum size aquarium a sump filter should be installed on. However, you should ask yourself whether it's worth all the hassle installing a sump filter on an aquarium that can only hold a few fish. One of the main reasons we use sump filters is because they are able to accommodate a lot of media. They also enable you to add some extra water to the system. But remember that the fish will be living in the main tank and this will obviously restrict you to how many fish you can have. So there's little point in packing in loads of filtration if you can only house a small number of fish.I've had three sizeable aquariums in the last 15 years. The first was 75 gallons, then I got myself a 125 gallon, then in 2007, I had a 300-gallon custom made aquarium made for me. I wouldn't have even contemplated installing a sump on the 75 or 125 gallons, canister filters provided more than enough filtration on these two aquariums. However, the 300 gallon was a different ball game altogether. In order for me to have filtered this properly with canister filters, I would have needed at least two very large canister filters. I decided that a much cheaper option would be to have the tank designed to take a sump filter. If I remember rightly, the sump actually costs £40 to manufacture. Obviously, you can add a bit more money on for the pumps and media, but it would have still been a lot cheaper than paying £350 for each canister filter. are a type of circulation and filtration system designed to keep otherwise stagnant aquarium water on the move and add much needed aeration. This keeps the tank a happy, healthy environment for fish and mimics as much as possible the currents and waves of natural oceans, lakes, and rivers. Of course, different types of aquariums require different types of pumps. For consumers who are new to fish care, this can be a bit confusing. Consumers with small, goldfish bowl-style of aquariums with only one or two fish rarely use pumps, though there are very small pumps available. For those who opt not to use a pump with a small fish bowl, the water must frequently be dumped, the tank cleaned, and the water replaced with clean, filtered water. That water must then be treated for impurities. Since it would not be very practical to dump and clean out a massive aquarium with multiple fish every other day, aquarium pumps reduce the need for these scheduled cleanings by moving the water about and providing the catalyst necessary for most filters to properly function. eBay has a wide selection of aquarium pumps, and consumers only need to know proper search methods in order to locate and purchase the right pump.