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We love aquairum tanks and we made a video about all freshwater aquairum fish species
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To help you avoid them, here are some popular tips I found about how to use fish tanks to improve the feng shui of your home. But let me remind you that these tips are very general, and some may even seem contradicting because its application and practice is very fluid.
Welcome to my YouTube Channel. I've been keeping fish for nearly 25 years. I have over 20 tanks and keep several types of fish.
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Okay – you all need to get over yourselves! The only fish tank in here that is at all ‘abusive’ is the CD Player. Also, yes, fish are animals, but COME ON! You can buy a goldfish for 5 cents ANYWHERE and they die in like three days. The rest of these are very cool and I really like the open bottom tank. Also, the car one is at the LONDON AQUARIUM so tell me how professionals are putting their fish in death traps? You’re all a bunch of PETA kids who need some fur and a steak or two. Maybe even some sushi. I love my fish and I think these tanks are interesting and unique and interesting for their inhabitants – if they even care. Please advice is keeping 2 tanks is good or not and the fishes and kept with the mentioned number is good or not
Photo provided by FlickrWhat was your feng shui experience with aquariums and fish tanks? I’d love to hear about them in the comment section below!
Photo provided by FlickrBesides mental and physical benefits, fish tanks also bring about other benefits, according to feng shui.
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An introductory article into the many types of aquarium lighting available for fish only, planted and reef tanks. What kind of lighting do you need in your freshwater fish tank?We love aquairum tanks and we made a video about all freshwater aquairum fish species. Time of this video 39;09. You will see all freshwater fish species in this video.

Species of freswater aquairum fish:
1 American Cichlids (Cichlasomas, acaras,angelfish, discuses
and others)
2 Barbs
3 Catfish
4 Cold-Water Cyprinids
5 Other Cyprinids
6 Danios And Other Danionins
7 Darters:
8 Dwarf Cichlids (Apistogrammas, rams and others)
9 Gar
10 Gobies
11 Hatchetfish
12 Headstanders
13 Killifish
14 Labyrinth fish
15 Lake Malawi Cichlids
16 Lake Tanganyika Cichlids
17 Live-Bearers
18 Loaches And Related Cypriniformes
19 Miscellaneous African Cichlids (Non-Rift Lake)

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saltwater aquarium fishAfter you leave the fish store you will want to go straight home to avoid accumulating in the bag (in the form of fish waste). Once you get home, open the top of the bag and remove about 25% of the water from the bag. Replace this water with the same amount of water from your tank. Float the bag in your tank and bring down the hood opening on the open end of the bag to help keep the bag secure. Every 10 minutes add about 1 measuring cup (use less if the bag is smaller) of your tank water to the bag. Repeat this process for about an hour. After an hour has passed use a small net to get the fish out of the bag and gently place the fish into your tank. The main idea here is to slowly get the fish used to your tank water (acclimated). Do not dump the bag water into your tank! If you do, you risk exposing your tank to any parasites or diseases that were in the dealer's tanks.Meet Sparky, a micro filter for fish tanks that only costs $3. It is so simple to make and it is the perfect size for a betta tank or another small aq...