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is an external aquarium filter in the Fluval 06 series from Hagen Fluval. The filter features a flow rate of 303 gph and can be used for fish tanks up to 70 gallons. It is designed with a multi-stage filtration to purify aquarium water and provide the healthier environment for both freshwater or saltwater aquariums.
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A tank size of 15 gallon should use a power filter. Just pick an Aquaclear power filter with manufacturer rated at around 20~30 gallon should be fine. As for fish, it is the best to get no more than 5~10 small sized (less than or around 2″ long at full adult size) fish. You are welcomed to post away on our forum if you have any more question. 🙂 Tetra® Whisper Bio Bag Cartridges
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Just bought my new 29 gallon fish tank, Aqueon QuietFlow 30 Filter, and Blue & Black Gravel. I love how it came out and I hope to get some new videos of it up with my fish in it soon! Thanks for Watching!

Facebook Fan Page: Hi Nicole, It sounds like there are too main issues contributing here. 1) Its a new tank that isn’t established yet and 2) The tank is very small for goldfish. Goldfish produce A LOT of waste and need to be over-filtered to control the water quality. A 10-gallon tank is really too small for more than one very small goldfish and even that would need to be upgraded eventually to at least 30 gallons for one fancy goldfish like a fantail. Since this tank is also new, it would need to go through a and there is a period during that cycling which cloudy water is common and completely normal. I have to say that sponge filters were my favorite for a long time, but now external power filters have taken their place in my heart. 😉 Goldfish are so messy that they require a heavier filtration system than tropical fish, so I think it is to the advantage of the goldfish keeper to have something more substantial churning out more water. I’ve actually used a 55/75 size filter for a 30 gallon tank with no problems. When in doubt, bigger is better in my opinion (as long as your fish are not having trouble swimming because of it).Hi Eileen – I’m hoping you can give some good advise. I have five large goldfish, the largest being just shy of 11″, which were just moved from a 30 gallon tank to a 120 gallon tank. I added two koi to the mix and then realized I have a high ammonia problem. I purchased the 120 gallon tank used. It came with gravel, decorations, wet/dry filter, an eheim 2228 canister and of course three Jack Dempsey’s. The Dempsey’s are in a 55 gallon and are now very happy but my goldfish are having a tough time. The ammonia is through the roof. We noticed the problem six days ago, we’ve done 20-30 gallon water changes three times and as of yesterday we lost one goldfish and the ammonia is still just as high as it was when we noticed the problem. We did use the existing gravel, decorations, filter media, etc which the last owner used. The tank was up and running when we purchased it but it did sit in our garage unused for approximately two weeks while we repaired the stand. We are at a loss, do we just continue to do 20-30 gallon water changes every other day?The capacity of a , provided that you have sufficient filtration to supportenough biological filtration for a tank the size of yours, isdetermined more by water volume and available oxygen than by thenumber or configuration of the being used. So, if you have a 50 gallon aquarium and a filter for a 30gallon tank, your population will be limited by the undersizedfilter. However, if you have a 30 gallon aquarium with enoughfiltration for a 50 gallon aquarium, that fish tank really has thesame as a 30 gallonaquarium with filtration appropriate to a 30 gallon aquarium.This is another traditional rectangle fish tank design for a 30 gallon aquarium. It’s a pretty straight forward design with an acrylic make for impact resistance and clarity. It works for saltwater fish as well as freshwater fish and the clarity of the glass allows for the fish and plants inside to pop against the blue background that conceals the filtration system.