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Japanese Fighting Fish Photo By Aniket Dahotre
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All the varieties of Betta Fish are tiny fishes; however, their sizes range from below 2.5 cm (1 in.) in the B. Chanoides to 12.5 cm (5 in.) in the Akar Betta or B. Akarensis. The Scientific as well as the local name of the species of labyrinth fish is also Betta, It belongs to this species on account of its labyrinthine chamber over the gills, this helps it to breathe air. Data is classified into 12 species that live in swamps and several freshwaters of low lying lands of Southeast Asia. Betta Splenden and the aka Siamese fighter are the prominent ones in the Betta family it is possible for the Betta Splenden to grow with ease to 75 mm..
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Within the genus, hybrids have been formed from cross-breeding the Siamese Fighting Fish with the Crescent Betta , the Blue Betta , and the undescribed a. Hybrids have also been reported between and its close relative, the Paradise Fish . Fighting Fish Photo by Dvortygirl
Photo provided by Flickr"Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splendens)"
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Accessorizing with fish was not what the people of Siam originally had in mind when they started collecting Bettas prior to the 1800s. Known as , the Bettas of that time were not the same elegant, little fish we see today. With much smaller fins and a dirty greenish-brown hue, they were bred for competitive fighting and not for the fame of their magnificent finnage and colors. Native to Siam, (now Thailand), Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and parts of China, these fish became accustomed to that were often at or above 80 degrees.There’s a reason people of all types love bettas. Sometimes called Siamese fighting fish, these feisty fish pack a lot of personality into a very small package and make great pets for almost every living situation. You’ll find them right at home on a desk at the office, enhancing the look of a livin... Known as plakat, which means tearing or biting fish, the wild Bettas generally would have short-lived fights of only a few minutes. Nevertheless, once the Siamese started to breed them specifically for fighting, these matches could go on for hours. The winner was determined, not by the wounds he inflicted, but instead by his willingness to continue fighting. The losing fish retreated and the match was over. Destruction to the families of the men betting on the fish was also substantial, with potential losses as great as his money, his house, and on occasion, his wife or other family members!
Today, Betta Splendens are the most popular fish with breeders in the United States and Japan. Commercial Betta farms in Malaysia and Singapore breed both display Splendens and fighting Splendens, with the breeding of the fighters producing the most revenue. Fighters are often discarded following their matches and new ones are bought, whereas, display Splendens live up to four years. Observing the obvious popularity of these fights, the King of Siam started licensing and collecting these fighting fish. In 1840, he gave some of his prized fish to a man who, in turn, gave them to Dr. Theodor Cantor, a medical scientist from Bangor. Describing these fish in an article nine years later, Dr. Cantor gave them the name Macropodus Pugnax. In 1909, Mr. Tate Regan renamed them Betta Splendens, noting that there already was a with the name Dr. Cantor used. It is believed that Mr. Regan got the name from a warrior-like tribe of people named "Bettah". The fish have become so popular, they’ve even earned their place in pop culture. Here are some fun facts: Betta fish fighting techniques are referenced as a strategy in the 1963 James Bond movie, From Russia With Love. The criminal organization SPECTRE plans to let the U.S. and Soviet Russia “fight to the death” until one loses, then take on the exhausted winner – just like Siamese Fighting Fish. Meanwhile, the popular Disney Channel series Fish Hooks features Milo, a Siamese Fighting Fish, while betta fish have been used as backgrounds and screensavers for both Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.