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hi! you all forget the ciclids, they don´t need plants in their aquariums, even the DISCUS fish, and their owners maintains pH levels and other parameters ok. Having a planted aquarium with natural or fake plants is your choice, of course is more desirable the natural plant, but not a live or death situation, don´t worry, the most important thing is the bacteria living in your filter, that’s the matter, and in acuascaping the plants are MOST important than fish!
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I have been keeping fish since 1988 and everyone can get off their high horses. The author said for the NEW aquarist it can be easier to start with fake plants so the newbie can first learn water chemistry and fishkeeping. A valid point. A few fake plants will provide security for fish and so serve their most vital purpose. Six months or a year down the road when the person isn’t just learning what GH, KH and pH are and how they are interdependent, on top of how to choose proper species for the water, tankmates, etc… they can then replace those fake plants with live plants. In the beginning when so much can go wrong for someone who is just learning, introducing live plants that OFTEN carry parasites and disease is just increasing risk unnecessarily. Get the tank up and running… learn fishkeeping… then get live plants down the road. Artificial Aquarium Plants Decoration Acuario Vivid Fake Long Grass Plant Decor Fish Tank Plastic Landscape Ornament
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Aquarium Plants are significant part of aquaculture because they exist in the fish natural environment. Often choosing between fake and live plants is challenging given they have varying requirements and can be costly. Many say both are just as good for a stable submerged ecosystem.Our resident reef geek, Thomas, shows us how to create a natural looking aquarium using fake aquarium plants. Follow his simple formula, and you can't go wrong! How many times does he say "natural" in this video? Too many...

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What are the benefits of live and plastic plants in an aquarium?

Live plants: Offer slight filtration benefits, they look natural and are fun and challenging to keep.

Plastic fake plants: Offer a large range of colours and variety, need no care to keep, can be moved whenever its needed, can be taken out and cleaned at will. However they do not look as natural as real aquarium plants.




If you find that some of the drawbacks of live plants are a little too much for you, there is nothing wrong with choosing artificial decor for your aquarium. Fake plants are most often made of plastic, and some can look almost real. If you put your mind to it, an aquascaped tank with artificial decorations can look just as good as a tank with real plants.