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The buzz centers around new frozen food offerings and canned offerings, but there is a small segment of freeze-dried fish foods that are doing well, retailers report. Primarily, the challenge has been finding the right place for freeze-dried offerings in a retail environment. With shelf space and resources at a premium, retailers and their customers are focused more than ever on the nutritional aspects of their offerings.
The advantage of freeze-dried fish food is still the same, and it still makes sense for some retailers and their customers.
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Freeze-dried fish food contains valuable fiber, as well as an excellent balance of nutrients. Freeze-dried fish food can be used successfully either as the staple fish food item or as a supplement to flake and pellet foods. Freeze drying kills any potential pathogens, making such foods very safe, and most fish seem to find them highly palatable. Dried Fish Foods
Photo provided by FlickrThe key drawback is expense: compared with frozen fish foods, freeze-dried fish food costs a lot for what you actually get.
Photo provided by Flickr** There are also liquid supplements and appetite enhancers for soaking dried fish food, but these are not foods themselves.
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Well, thankfully, it is not hard. We have so many very high quality flake foods and freeze-dried foods that fish can be adequately nourished with very little fuss and bother. You may read articles where it is stated categorically that flake foods do not make an adequate diet for any fish, but this assertion has long been disproved by the hordes of aquarists that feed flake foods exclusively, and still maintain colorful, breeding, vibrant fishes. So why not end this article here? Well, it's not that simple. Just because most aquarium fish will thrive on a good flake food, that doesn't mean they all will and it certainly doesn't mean that all flake foods are good. And of course, flake food is boring. Boring for you to feed, and probably boring for the fish to eat. Boring. This is a hobby right? It's supposed to be fun, right? Well why not get some fun out of meal times then? So I'll talk about live and homemade foods too.FEEDING
The next thing to know about dried foods is how much to feed. Unless you want your fish to spawn or are raising their babies, don't feed much at all. Fish are cold blooded, and therefore do not require food energy to maintain their body temperatures. They also are neutrally buoyant and so they don't require any energy to stand up. As a result, fish can get by on remarkably little food.Freeze-dried fish foods are a safe alternative to live fish food due to the treatment of these foods before the freeze drying process. Be extremely careful when using live foods (especially feeder goldfish) due to the diseases that they may carry.San Francisco Bay Brand® all natural frozen and freeze dried fish foods provide superior nutrition and are famous for their purity and nutrient-rich natural ingredients.
Freeze dried fish foods are great foods as well. However, they are one of the most expensive types of tropical fish foods per ounce. There are benefits to using freeze dried foods. They are not very messy, they tend to float at the top of the tank for a very long period of time and they have been decontaminated (free from fish disease) by the manufacturer before the freeze drying process. If you've used freeze dried fish food you know how fish go after them. Freeze dried food is a very good way to supplement your pet's diet.Many kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat, and fish can bedried. If you have never tried drying food before, though, it's a good ideato experiment first by drying a small quantity in the oven. This way youcan see if you like the taste and texture of dried food. At the same time,you can become familiar with the drying process.