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Titan Eze Metal Aquarium Double Stands..need a fish tank stand want my counter top space back
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Researching to find the Best air pump double sponge water filter for aquarium takes time and we did the research for you to save your time and time is money.
diy aquarium stands | ... out my DIY double aquarium stand idea. It will house a standard 55
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Photo provided by FlickrAnother great use of space! Acting a double sided aquarium in a hotel lobby! Truly amazing!!
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How to build yourself a double 55 gallon aquarium tank stand for under $100.00. We made 2 of these to house 4 55 gallon tanks for our angelfish fry grow out in. Enjoy and if you like please leave a comment or a thumbs up.

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Forum: Gorgeous custom 450 gallon aquarium! This aquarium features a double sided viewing. One side faces the entrance of the home and the other side faces the living room and kitchen.The Double Aquarium Stand has full powder coating and is resistant to water damage and rust so it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Owing to its versatility, the stand can be used in your home, classroom or office, and it can support aquariums not just for fish but also amphibians, reptiles and other animals.An look at my new 40g breeder double aquarium rack for my growout tanks.

Bonus time-lapse video of me building the rack here:

Equipment I used on this build:

40 Gallon Breeder Tanks from Petco
(Note, these are crappy Tetra tanks. Get better Aqueon tanks if you can. I wish I had.)

Rack (discontinued Lowe's but this is similar):

Sponge Filters:

Whisper Air Pump:

Glass Tops (BWE-114980 fits two 40 breeders)

LED Lights:

Digital Light Timer:

300 Watt Heaters:

Digital Thermometers (2 pack):


Diamond Hole Saw (35mm)

Also misc other PVC fittings, tubing, and other equipment to tie into my drip system.



Amazing double sided 500 gallon aquarium! Aquarium views include sitting/great room and kitchen! The aquarium also features Living Color Aquariums Reef Inserts!Double have been on the market for some time, but just because they are available, does that mean they are a wise choice for an aquarium owner? The answer depends largely on factors within the owner’s home. In some cases, it’s a great way to have two tanks occupy the same space that one normally would, while in other cases it’s a disaster waiting to happen.