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These are superior discus fish to those you would find in a local pet store
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Besides your fish tank and filter, clean water is especially important for your discus. In this article, we'll give you suggestions on how to effectively store your discus' water.
Reviews on Discus fish in Philadelphia, PA - Aquarium Center, Reef To Rift Aquarium Store.
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FALSE – When you come across an online discus store that offers free shipping you really need to think carefully before making a purchase. Regardless of how big or small an online fish store is shipping is never free for anyone! UPS and FEDEX will NEVER ship anything for free! So how do discus sellers offer free shipping? It’s all in the quality of the fish they are selling. Many discus sellers sell fish that are imported from Asia. When you buy fish from Asia you must order them in large quantities minimum of 100 or more at a time. Many of the Asian discus sellers offer discounts on fish that are not top quality. While not all Asian discus fish are bad quality, in my experience the majority of them are low quality and most of them come with internal parasites. Once you receive these fish you must quarantine them for several weeks and de-worm them on a regular basis so they won’t kill your other fish. So while you may be saving money on shipping It may cost you a lot more money and headaches in the long run. You will also notice that sellers that offer free shipping just increase the cost of each fish to cover the shipping. The amount of time, materials and water weight required to ship fish properly makes it impossible to ship fish for free. Remember- shipping is never free! SomethingsPhishy is your Discus, Angelfish, Pleco and Tropical Fish Superstore
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Photo provided by FlickrI was in the area and decided to check out a fish store that had discus
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A few years ago, Peter Thode got a chance to visit a really nice German discus fish store called Diskus Markt. The video shows some of the beautiful discus they had in their store. Here is a link to Bettina and Helge Mußtopf fine discus store:

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Like Us on Facebook: Besides your fish tank and filter, clean water is especially important for your discus. In this article, we'll give you suggestions on how to effectively store your discus' water.I have been breeding and raising discus fish for over 20 years. With the tremendous increase and domination of the internet we are seeing more brick and mortar stores closing and more online stores opening up. This includes pet shops – especially fish stores. Today you can find more discus fish for sale online that you can find local pet stores that sell them. This article will reveal all the myths associated with buying discus fish online.The aquarium store has marvelously painted frescoes of discus; the images are large and cover the door and sides of the building. No one could mistake this store for anything but an aquarium store; if they have knowledge of tropical fishes, they would have no doubt realizing that the store deals with the “king” of aquarium fish. Aquarium stores overseas tend to be very different from aquarium stores we visit or patronize here in the United States. In Japan, the aquariums will be meticulously planted; each leaf on every will invariably appear to be perfectly manicured. In other parts of , the emphasis is on fishes that are red or gold —colors that in Chinese culture represent wealth and vitality. In Colombia, stores tend to be localized all in one neighborhood. It is possible with enough time to visit every store in a given city by going to the correct neighborhood. And in Europe many stores specialize. I recently visited a discus fish breeder whose business sells only and supplies needed by the discus aquarist.The aquarium store is divided into a retail section at the front and a fish hatchery in the back. The fish aquariums contain fish youngsters of all ages and breeding pairs of fish. I spent an afternoon looking and photographing the extremely high-quality discus. During my visit I asked questions. These and the answers follow: