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A Different Kind of Fish Story - Alexandra Stafford, 54, Metairie, Louisiana
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The next type of fish roe to look at is called Sujiko. Sujiko is also salmon roe. The major difference between Ikura and Sujiko is that Ikura is used and served outside of the fish egg sac and Sujiko is salmon roe that is inside of the sac when it's prepared and served to people. Sujiko eggs are different in color to Ikura as well. Sujiko is red to a really dark red while the Ikura is the lighter reddish/orange colored eggs. Some people prefer Sujiko over Ikura because Sujiko has a sweeter taste. I personally LOVE them both and use them in all kinds of cooking.
Not all fish can live in the same kinds of waters. Different species need different sets of environmental conditions, including:
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By 2010, scientists say they may find more than 2 million different species of marine life.
So far, the Census of Marine Life comprised 15,304 species of fish and 194,696 to 214,696 species of animals and plants, estimated to be roughly 10 percent of the world's total.
The census is adding about 150 to 200 species of fish and 1,700 species of animals and plants each year.
The scientists said they believe the oceans that extend across 70 percent of Earth's surface hold about 20,000 species of fish and up to 1.98 million species of animals and plants.
But still now we are struggling to live each other although all of us are in same kind. A fishing vessel is a boat or ship used to catch fish in the sea, or on a lake or river. Many different kinds of vessels are used in ,  and .
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Photo provided by FlickrThe beauteous Trent which in itself enseams,: Thirty kinds of fish and thirty different streams
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There's a wide array of fishing baits to help catch different kinds of fish, such as spinner baits for bass fishing, tandem spinners for pike and muskie and worms for catfish. Catch a variety of fish with help from a fishing guide in this free video on fishing for beginners.

Expert: Mark Senosk
Bio: Mark Senosk is a professionally trained fishing guide, studying under the Hubbards Guide Academy.
Filmmaker: David PakmanIn selecting the right reel for your style of fishing there are literally thousands of different reels on the market today to choose from. For the less experienced angler this can be somewhat confusing. Before we compare the features of fishing reels here are some pointers that will help you determine a list of requirements for the best type of reel to use. First, what kind of fish will you be catching? What is the average size, and angling technique? Will you be casting lures using live bait or trolling. What pound test line is best suited for the fishing application. These answers will narrow down your search and aid in purchasing the proper reel. As a general guideline the lighter the line and smaller the game fish the best reel choice for the novice anglers and children is a spincast reel. For the more proficient caster using the same set-up a spinning reel is best. As the targeted species gets larger requiring heavier line and lures a conventional reel or bait caster will be the better choice.Separate from all this, you might engage in a different kind of fishing while on vacay—la pesca deportiva (sport fishing). Be sure to grab a caña de pescar (fishing rod / pole) and some convincing anzuelos / señuelos (lures). To learn more about fishing vocabulary, and fish vocabulary in general, check out the , a popular Argentinian fishing magazine.Can someone shed some light on what the differences are and which are best for fish and chips. If fish and chips is on a menu in the US, it is normally some kind of processed cod - we don't have a choice. :o)