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"A self-contained, low maintenance REEF that will light up any desk with brightly colored coral." So goes the blurb on PJ Reefs' desktop-sized saltwater aquarium. I have to say, mine eyes are digging the brightly colored coral, all lit up like a Christmas tree or Cornelius' pant leg when he falls asleep and I tie a firecracker to his ankle to wake him up. And those words "self-contained" and "low maintenance" are pretty alluring. But...I don't exactly have the best track record with keeping living things under my guardianship alive. And while I'm stoked that one by-product of this quirky personality trait is never being asked to babysit or interact with children, sometimes I think it would be really nice to have something on my desk to keep me company other than Meghan, my . And as long as I don't have to feed it, water it, clean it, or watch it do piss-poor somersaults and draw pictures of rabbits that look every day, maybe a miniature saltwater aquarium will survive under my tutelage after all.
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How do aquariums desktop enhancements software work?

Didn’t you ever dream of several fishes swimming in your office room, or a tank with them standing in the board room? It does not only positively add to overall design of the room but also creates appealing and calming atmosphere. Taking care of several fishes does not demand much time and with modern tools it is very easy. It is an experience, which may not be fully described by words – you have to go buy a aquarium desktop enhancements software and enjoy yourself. Tetra 1.5 Gallon Aquarium Kit Black Desk Top Aquarium
Photo provided by FlickrEthan attempts to create an aquarium that will fit comfortably on the top of a desk.
Photo provided by FlickrHere are top seven awesome desktop aquariums that you can choose from:
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Desktop Aquariums are meant to be "fun" tanks. They are relatively inexpensive, attractive to the eye and fit almost anywhere. They are not very sophisticated aquariums, however, and their limitations must be observed in order to achieve success.Mini-Aquariums: Desktop Aquariums, Mini-Ponds & Small Home Aquariums is a comprehensive guide to setting up and maintaining a nano aquarium, 30 gallons or less. It offers the best fish and invertebrates, both freshwater and marine, ones that are small and will thrive in miniature tanks and ponds. Over the past five years there has been a noticeable increase in the popularity of small, indoor water features. This book is a complete guide for those wishing to keep anything from a betta bowl to a corner container pond.Temperature Control is probably the most limiting factor in desk top aquariums. A few of the larger models will accommodate a submersible aquarium heater, but most often, the light bulb is the only source of warmth. Since the light is not controlled thermostatically, the tank temperature may fluctuate greatly. Generally, the light should be left on when the room temperature is the coolest (e.g. at night) and turned off when room temperature is higher. Lower wattage light bulbs help keep the temperatures more stable, but fish that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations should be avoided. R.C. Hagen Corporation is an innovative, top notch manufacturer and supplier of aquariums and aquarium products. Their " Nano" aquariums are all the rage. One has been designed for the keeping of little shrimps, appropriately named "EBI" , meaning; "shrimp" in Japanese. The other designed for keeping live plants, named "Flora". Both are boxed kits, ready to go and have unique support products available, that are sold seperately. Hagen's exciting aquarium design in the "Fluval Edge", 6 and 12 gallons has 360 degrees of viewing area making it the first 3-D desk top aquarium. It can be filled to the very brim thanks to the glass top that allows good viewing from all angles. Oh and dont forget the open top "CHI" aquarium. All of these are are operating live, in the store.New to the line are the spec aquariums, 3 and 5 gallons. Add a little life to your little space with the perfect little underwater world. You will not find a better selection of Nano (small) aquariums anywhere. We have the right size, shape and style for your place and your budget. At Aquarium Adventure you will find the ideal small aquarium for a desk top, counter top, bookcase or niche….here is just a sampling of our incredible selection. Many more styles are available at our Columbus location.Fluval Chi II is truly artistic simplicity. The Chi II offers full 360 degree viewing which makes it perfect for any desktop. Fluval Chi II can range from the simple goldfish tank to a tranquil feng shui center piece. Chi filtration unit sits centered on top of the tank and makes maintenance almost non-existent. With a quick once a month replacement of the filtration cartridge and small water change the tank will remain crystal clear for weeks at a time. Fluval Chi II lighting is powerful and also elegantly built right into the center filtration cube, holding 11 LED lights. Any office would benefit from the peaceful tranquility offered by this amazing little aquarium.