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Arby’s describes their new King’s Hawaiian Fish Deluxe like this:
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We are a small fish lure manufacturer located in Las Vegas Nevada USA. Our specialty is life-like fully functional swimbait fishing lures that are hand made of the highest quality materials and components. All of our designs and mold making are in house. Over the years we have developed many unique proprietary-manufacturing techniques, therefore we do not allow touring of our facility. Our customer base consists of tournament and serious trophy fisherman. We believe well made life-like fishing lures greatly increase your odds in your pursuit of trophy fish. It is our passion to give you the best product, customer service, and information to help you achieve your goals. Please go to the home page and sign up for the eNews & Updates and you will be notified every time the site is updated and when new products or content are added. Thank You, Huddleston Deluxe
The new Big Fish Deluxe Sandwich is described like this:
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A new extended edition of Deluxe Fishing Rod has been released!
Deluxe rod [Extended] is of similar design to standard Deluxe Rod but with the following extensions that enable color & size modification to suit every avatar personal preferences: I check out Arby's King's Hawaiian fish deluxe sandwich!
Photo provided by FlickrSome quick shots of the new Fish 30acre Deluxe Gill.
Photo provided by FlickrTo the fortunate few, we highly recommend Arby’s KING’S HAWAIIAN Deluxe Fish Sandwich.
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You won’t find nicer fish houses on any lake! Our Deluxe Fish Houses are as cozy as your living room. Our roads are well-plowed and clearly marked and can be accessed with a car, truck or four-wheeler. We are located in Isle, MN on the southeast side of Lake Mille Lacs. We are proud to offer Da Boathouse Bar and Restaurant onshore. Always friendly & fun, you can find a great steak dinner or a quick burger. On weekends they feature karaoke. Come watch the game, or enjoy pull tabs, game room & pool table. There’s always fun times & great meals cooking at Da Boathouse!The NOFRAME crew:

director Tihomir Rachev
script Tihomir Rachev

cameraman Pavlin Daskalov
assistant cameraman Tihomir Rachev, Radostin Ganchev

edit director Tihomir Rachev, Pavlin Daskalov
edit Pavlin Daskalov

music LeepraDelux - Billy The Fish

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Let me know what you think on the comments section, and thanks for watching! :)With the help of The REAL Mr. Dirty from the GTM Show I review the NEW ARBY'S KING'S HAWAIIAN FISH DELUXE SANDWICH in a car! ~ But do I endorse it??? Please watch and find out and check out his channel :

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@arbys @kingshawaiianDespite its touristy location, this pub offers a good selection of real ales and craft lagers from the UK and abroad at OK prices (beer is never cheap in London, not at even at JDW joints!), as well as the expected streamlined Taylor Walker menu. Last time I was there (early May 2015) I had the "deluxe" fish and chips...Travelling often brings on the hunger pains and so I popped into Deluxe French Fries to hopefully help me out. I ordered the fish n chips platter and it really hit the spot. The serving was quickly prepared and it was a nice sized portion...