Do jellyfish need to be kept in round or cylindrical tanks

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Several of the tanks mentioned above can be found in most tropical fish stores. The bowfront aquarium, rectangular, corner bowfront aquarium, corner aquarium, and cube tanks are very common while cylinder aquariums, pentagon tanks, and bullet aquariums are usually made of acrylic by custom aquarium manufactures.
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The AquaDom is the world’s largest cylindrical with one million liters of saltwater, and it is a stunning habitat for many species of tropical fish. The AquaDom is maintained by the Sea Life Berlin, which is located right next to the hotel. Sea Life Berlin houses 30 freshwater and saltwater tanks, which are home to thousands of sea dwellers.[]Usually, we come across either rectangular/square tanks very often, and that’s why the cylindrical shape is something unheard of before, and it brings winsomeness to your living room when placed at the right position. With a size of 20*20*67″ (diameter*height) and a weight of 75 pounds, it has an included filtration system, bio ball, compact light fixture and an air pump. What makes the fish tank lavish is the stainless steel finish.The fish tank shape will determine the quality of view inside of the tank. Odd shaped aquariums alter the view of the fish inside. Bow front aquariums, corner aquariums, hexagon tanks, and cylinder aquariums are beautiful looking tanks, but when you view the fish from certain angles everything is distorted. Some larger bow front tanks will offer a better view but will still have a section at each end of the bow that alters the view.