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Plan on having, at minimum, at least five gallons of water for even a few small fish. Keep in mind that a little 5.5 gallon tank weighs around 70lbs when full and a more fish-friendly 10 gallon tank weighs around 115lbs when full. If having a tank with that volume and weight of water in your cubicle is going to pose a problem, you'll need to get your fishkeeping fix at home.
Fish tank cubicles! Hopefully no one at the office has a fear of fish.
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A 10 gallon tank can fit perfectly on a desk or stand, and is the perfect balance between size and maintenance. Larger fish tanks can be nearly impossible to clean effectively because in order to clean it easily, the water needs to be occasionally removed. The 10 gallon size also makes the tanks perfect for office decorations, since they can fit nicely onto a desk in a cubicle type setting. Cubicle DesignWork CubicleCool Fish TanksThe OfficeCubiclesAddictionHobbyHappiness
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If you’re stuck in a cubicle, why not take another living creature down with you by adorning your space with the office fish tank? The pint-sized aquarium comes with a pint-sized plastic table, computer, lamp, chair, and a potted plant, so those fish sized TPS reports you want to give him are going to have to be a homemade addition.Your cubicle mate’s desktop décor will give you an impression of their personality before you even have to get to know them, and just the same, you can choose the message you want your desk to give by customizing within your cubicle’s walls. Before bringing your new fish tank or live plant to the office, read on to learn what it could say about your personality and work-ethic.With offices becoming far more permissive and encouraging employees to personalize their respective workspaces to create a greater sense of comfort that makes it feel as though they are working from a second home, the number of aquariums being maintained in cubicles and other office spaces has risen dramatically in recent years. Due to this increasing popularity, we set out to offer educational services to aspiring office aquarists so that the fish kept in these tanks are able to thrive in the most suitable environment based on their specific needs. At CubicleFish, we simply do not want to see the inhabitants of office aquariums live in circumstances in which they struggle to survive due to an office pet parent’s lack of understanding of proper care techniques.In an introductory first gallery, six tanks are filled with fish which are changed each season. The aquarium also features exhibits detailing the local Korean river ecosystems. The COEX Aquarium also features several smaller exhibits, many with a focus on entertaining children. One such exhibit, titled "Wonderland", contains a collection of "eccentric fish tanks" including a shower cubicle, computer monitor, bath tub, and toilet bowl. Several exhibits specifically allow visitors to touch and .This was the call center of Freshwater Software, a now defunct company based in Boulder, Colorado. In 2000, the company commissioned this unique office design. The cubicles were not divided by fabric walls, but glass aquariums. The custom desks were built by a local carpenter, and the fish tanks were created by Jesse Damman, a professional aquarium maker. Occasionally a fish jumped out of the tank, but workers reported that it was an enjoyable experience. The sounds produced by the tanks provided background noise that was helpful in a call center.()Telephone cubicle fish tank.
This unusual aquarium becomes part of a work created in France. Benoit Deseille along with Benedetto Bufalino were the ones that transformed countless normal telephone workstations right into fish tanks for the Lon Light Event in France. It was an actually fascinating approach of repurposing the old phone workstations and also of giving a whole new attribute.