Marineland® 27gallon Cube Complete Aquarium Ensemble

Nano Cube Aquarium HD - 116 days time lapseDennerle Nano Cube 30 Liter
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Henry your posts are always fun... Thanks for making me smile today! Smile,smile,smile,but I also have to smile because I know you own a rectangular aquarium and I own a cube aquarium...
The 3 gallon size of this cube aquarium is just big enough for your betta have tank mates!
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We carry both versions of the JBJ 28 Gallon Nano Cube LED Aquariums: The , and the . Also on this page are the 24 Gallon & 12 Gallon Nano Cubes with either compact fluorescent or LED lights, as well as the various smaller Picotopes, Biotopes, Cubeys and Rimless tanks. JBJ Cabinet Stand for 24 Gallon Nano Cube Aquarium.
Photo provided by FlickrYes the Georga Aquarium is likely better than my 75 Gallon tank... neither are cubes
Photo provided by FlickrOther remarkable features of the Tetra Cube Aquarium Kit are as follows:
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Suddenly I want a fish. Is this the best looking aquarium an Apple lover could find or what? It’s an aquarium made out of an old hollowed out Power Mac Cube, and I think it looks pretty cool. Now you have a reason to get that ridiculous , keep them away from your Mac Cube fish! If you want one of these, there’s currently only two available and they cost a hefty $149, which considering they are custom made and the Cube is somewhat rare might not be such a bad deal after all. If you’re interested, you can find the Mac Cube aquarium for sale . The self contained JBJ NanoCube offers the easiest solution for the hobbyist that demands high-tech performance in a miniature environment for their aquarium fish and corals.Each Signature Bond panel at Cube Aquarium is 7.3 meters high, 5 meters long, and tilted at a 10° angle. Though the acrylic involved in each case weighs 11 metric tons, the 38-cm-thick bonds are simply undetectable from common viewing angles. This feat of fusing two giant objects (each panel section is two and a half stories tall and weighs as much as six cars) together in complete harmony will leave a benchmark for the industry. Project: Cube Aquarium
Location: Chengdu, China
Application: Aquarium
Year Opened: 2015
Those videos have become the basis of the Infinity Cube, a temporary new exhibit opening April 7 at Birch Aquarium. The 8-foot cube, generously funded by Rick and Patty Elkus, will surround guests in projected and reflected larger-than-life images of bioluminescence accompanied by soundscape. Additional support for the interpretative component of the exhibit was provided by the National Science Foundation. Simple low light, low tech aquarium setup. Only java fern and anubias tied on lava rocks.

Aquarium is 60 liter Dennerle Nano Cube, light only 11W, filter Tetra EX 400 (400 liters per hour).

Fish in the tank:
- neon tetra
- glowlight tetra
- zebra danio
- betta
- siamese algae eater
- small plecoAQT Enterprise offers one of the largest selections of JBJ Aquarium Supplies and lights on the net. Stocking power compact lighting, , as well as all sizes of the Nano Cube tanks and including Metal Halide.