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Compass Rose 50 Gallon Corner Aquarium & Stand II - LLA4BL
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The Marineland 56 gallon column aquarium is designed to maximize the viewing area but takes less space and ideal for small home or office. It comes with a great stand with generous cabinet space for storage of , supplies or decorative items.
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Also called corner filters, these were the first aquarium filters available for home aquaria. Although no longer used as often as in the past, they are very inexpensive and can be loaded with a variety of . Corner filters are often used for hospital tanks because fish owners don't wish to invest a lot of money setting up a tank that is used infrequently. Their less powerful intake flow makes them popular for use in breeding tanks with tiny fry. 92 Gallon Corner Aquarium Stand and Canopy- for the tank we have
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Has anyone had a corner aquarium? Any pros or cons about them? It looks like the only options are a 54 gallon or maybe one in the 70s? I have a 46 gallon bow front right now and it's sort of in the corner of my living room. A corner tank seems like an odd shape and might be hard to decide where the plants go. Also, with HOB filters it might be a bit strange.
Any experience with one? I'm just day dreaming about possible future tanks.

RAHT Our first corner fish tank is a very small one. At only 0.5 gallon, it’s really only suitable for smaller fish, hence the name (Betta fish are a small species). The tank is a fairly simple ‘no frills’ aquarium, but can still be suitable for any fish keeper with small fish. We would only recommend keeping a fish in this tank during a water change!We’ve also broken this post up into small, medium and large corner fish tank/aquarium sizes to make it simple for you to find what you’re looking for.Flat Back Hexagon. The flat back hexagon is a good substitute for a rectangle or bowfront. Most applications will have the long back side up against a wall and viewed through the remaining 5 panels. It will also work well for a built-in. The four 45 degree angles between the 5 viewing panels will either be bent or mitered. Bent tanks are reserved for the smaller aquariums, as the 5 viewing panels have to come from a single sheet, which are limited to in size. If bent, there will be a band of distortion surrounding the bend the same as a corner pentagon. Most tanks thicker than ½” will have mitered corners as the band of distortion surrounding them gets wider on the thicker materials. A mitered corner does not produce distortion and gives a neater, cleaner look. It is also easier to make cabinetry trimwork match up with a tight corner versus the radius you would have with a bend. For larger Flat Back Hexagons the corners will have to be mitered. The cost of a Flat Back Hexagon will fall somewhere between the cost of a rectangle and bowfront of the same size.Rectangle. The simple rectangle is undoubtedly the most popular aquarium shape there is and will always account for the majority of all aquariums. Because of its shape, it is also the most versatile, as it can be used in almost any setup. They may be placed against a wall, into a corner, built into a wall, used as a room divider or peninsula, set up as an island, etc. The possibilities for setting up a rectangle aquarium are unlimited. A wide variety of overflow types may be used, and may be placed virtually anywhere in the tank. A rectangle will usually be your most economical aquarium to have built.The Ocean Floor is the largest tropical fish and aquarium store in the Southwest, measuring 17,500 square feet of store space. Our aquarium selection is unmatched by anyone in Arizona. We offer a huge selection of many different shapes and sizes. You can choose from top name brand and quality manufacturers such as Aqueon, Marineland, Oceanview, Fluval, Aquatop, Coralife, Red Sea, and more. From two gallon desktop aquariums to 300 gallon show tanks, and everything in between, we offer a selection to fit any budget. Some of our most popular aquarium sizes are: