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Convict Cichlid Fish - The Care, Feeding and Breeding of Convict Cichlids
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Convict Cichlids have a tendency towards unusually aggressive and spunky behaviors for a fish their size. For example, they are known for their tendency to attack almost any other fish in their territory, including fish up to three times their size! They are great in a tank with other aggressive fish, just make sure the other fish are not so big that they can swallow your Convict Cichlid whole.
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Convict cichlids (Archocentrus nigrofasciatus) are a territorial, monogamous, and biparental Central American cichlid fish. Convicts exist in two common color morphs: the wild-type (WT) black-barred form and an amelanistic (AM) barless morph. Color morphs affect aggressive interactions in other species of fish. We staged fights between males of each color morph with varying size asymmetries and found that WT males were able to overcome a size disadvantage by increasing their rate of aggressive behavior. AM males lost more often when smaller than their opponent, apparently because they did not increase their rate of aggressive behavior when at a size disadvantage. We discuss two possible hypotheses to explain these findings: (1) that there are genetic differences in aggressive behavior between the morphs and (2) that AM fish are disadvantaged in staged contests because they are unable to signal via changes in bar coloration. Oscar fish living with convict cichlids
Photo provided by FlickrJust bought 2 convict cichlid fish today an one is already dead idk why
Photo provided by Flickrmy 30 gallon fishtank in my room. mostly convict cichlids with 2 gold barbs and a blue gourami also.
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Convicts make a great starter cichlid. They are a more timid species, though males can be territorial. These fish really don't care what the pH is, you may read something saying "pH is best at...", don't really listen for this fish, most regular town/well water is fine.Convict cichlids is a hardy species that can adept to just about any water condition which is one of the reasons behind this fish suitability as a beginner cichlid for all aquarist how can offer them an aquarium of at least 100l/ 24gallon You should however know that Convict cichlids can sometimes be white aggressive towards other fish which means that they shouldn’t be kept with other to small or timid fishes. Suitable tank mates to keep with convict cichlids are instead fish species that are large enough to stand their ground or hardy species that are fast enough to avoid the convict’s aggressions such as some barbs. Another good option is to keep a pair of convict cichlids alone in an aquarium without any other species in the aquarium. Keeping them alone will make it easier to observe their fascinating breeding behaviour including the rearing of the fry.Convict cichlids fish is very easy to keep and breed in aquariums and is therefore an ideal beginner’s fish and especially suited for those who want to keep their first cichlid. The name convict cichlid describes these beautiful fish and its black stripes on a white background very accurately. Convict cichlids are also known as zebra cichlids.Also known as Zebra fish, the Convict Cichlid is an excellent beginner aquarium fish. Relatively small, they are easy to care for and have a striking appearance. It is important to remember, however, that any Cichlid fish will eat smaller tank mates and can be territorial. Do not keep them in tanks with fish that are similar in size or smaller. Convicts can be fun to breed, but it is important that potential owners be aware that breeding can significantly increase aggressive behavior.