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My kids won two goldfish last Sunday. I did everything I thought I was supposed to do: tank, gravel, air stone pump, freshwater testing kit, a decoration and a new tank setup chemical kit. Well turns out I put 2 fish in a 1 gallon tank with no filter so now it’s very cloudy and I forgot the filter. So yesterday morning I bought a 5 gallon tank(I know it’s temporary because they will grow out in a couple months), I bought more gravel and a filter. I’m was given directions to rapid cycle this tank because (I was told) keeping the fish in the 1 gallon tank for a month or more while the bigger tank set up naturally will kill them. I put some gravel from another tank in the new one and a couple bacteria additives the store sold me. After all this work, I’m concerned the fish will still die if I just put them in this new tank today or tomorrow…I’m wondering how I know if I can put at least one fish in and if there is anything else I can do to keep them safer longer in the smaller tank to give the bigger tank a better chance of cycling correctly?
The most common causes of cloudy water that doesn't clear up quickly in a goldfish tank are two, but they have similar reasoning: bioload
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If adding a filter is simply not an option, you must perform water changes frequently -- at least twice a week or any time the water starts looking cloudy or dirty. Your goldfish gulping for air at the surface of the water is an indication that the water is so dirty it has been depleted of oxygen. Keep the tank or bowl away from sunlight, which encourages algae and bacteria growth, and consider adding live plants to absorb carbon dioxide and add oxygen to the water. Common Causes of Cloudiness. A number of things can cause cloudy water in a goldfish tank. Some of those causes are innocent, but others require urgent attention to protect the health of your fish. A greenish cloud typically means an overgrowth of algae, while general fogginess points to a bacteria bloom.
Photo provided by FlickrOct 13, 2014 - Cloudy tank water may be the largest and most common complaint of new goldfish tank owners
Photo provided by FlickrThere are lots of ways for a tank to become cloudy
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danilhastings asked:

i bought the tank last week and the first few days it was crystal clear now its very cloudy. im not sure how big the tank is but i bought the tank and got 7 fish so im sure its not over populated or the person at the pet shop would have said something. im not sure what type of fish they are either but they are white and black and pretty small (like 1 inch long)
at first i thought it was the filter because when i poke the rocks with the net bits of food and poop come out of it. i went back to the pet shop and the girl said that the filter is fine but i might be overfeeding. she said to empty a quarter of the tanks water every 2 days and replace it with clean water.
i went home emptied the tank and put new water in and fed the fish less but it got cloudy even when i changed the water every 2 days and its still very coudy whats wrong??
the water also gets hot sometimes. if i open the top to feed them and i can feel heat coming from the water. i dont put the light on during the day and the weather is always cold.
the fish are like some of the fancy goldfish but
some are black and some are white and there is 1 that is bron and gold (proper gold like a ring not orange)If your goldfish have been breeding and the population has outgrown your existing tank, get a second tank or upgrade to a larger one to better accommodate your pets. Meanwhile, resist the urge to overfeed your fish, which clouds water, clogs filters and creates odors, not to mention is unhealthy for your fish. Follow the flake food manufacturer’s recommended goldfish serving sizes. Remove uneaten food after about 10 minutes.