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hi dude's this is my tiger oscar fish tank looking like crystal clear water i using external filter
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I have set up a 46 gallon bow front tank about 4 weeks ago. Running a fluval Aqua clear 70 with a air pump. When I first set up my tank I added quick start with stress coat as water conditioner and Api ph increaser to 8.2 as I put in African cichlids. For the first 3 weeks the tank was perfect and crystal clear. Towards the middle of the 3rd week the ammonia spiked to 4.0ppm I was able to get it down to 2.0ppm. Then the end of the 3rd week the ammonia spiked to 9.0ppm and the water turned to a very thick milkish cloudy. It got so bad I couldn’t even see the the fish or decoration. It has been a week tomorrow and it is still the same maybe just a bit litter where you can slightly see the decoration and fish littly. What can I do to clear it. I don’t want to lose any fish.
Fish tank's clear water doesn't always mean it's clean; - Bend Bulletin
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Another reason why the water could have become cloudy is insufficient bacteria growth or too much bacteria. In a new tank, it takes time for the right amount of bacteria to form so the water may appear cloudy in the meantime. The only resolution is to wait at least a few days to see if the water clears up on its own. When the water has too much bacteria it can raise the pH level and the fish will not get enough oxygen. In order to test the pH level of your water, you can purchase a tester kit in any pet store. Some pet stores will even test the water for you if you bring them a sample. Once you determine if the pH level is too high, you can purchase the conditioner. Clearwater in fish tank doesn't mean its clean - Omaha World-Herald
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Whether you own a freshwater or saltwater aquarium, maintenance is required to keep the water clean and clear. Saltwater aquariums need more work, though, and more consistent efforts. Clear water doesn't just look good, it's one sign your fish live in a healthy environment. While it may be tempting to purchase water clarifiers, they only treat the symptoms and don't address the cause of your cloudy, murky or dirty tank water.Please Visit For Aquarium and fish information as well as information on breeding fish.
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Do you have green water and need to clear up your tank here are some great steps to take to get rid of green water in a fish tank or your aquarium. Easily do it.
Regular partial water changes promote clean tanks and clear aquarium water. Major changes to the aquatic environment are highly stressful to fish, and even potentially fatal to more sensitive species. For this reason, you can't just get rid of all the old water -- no matter how cloudy it may be -- and replace it with clean water at once. Change 10 percent of the water at a time every two weeks. Have new water standing by at the same temperature as your aquarium water, and mixed to the appropriate gravity if you have a saltwater tank. For safety, turn off any parts and power to the tank. Siphon out about 1/10 of the water and replace it with the new, clean and clear water.It can be unsettling to watch your goldfish tank’s water become cloudy, especially considering the time and money you’ve invested in it. Tank water cloudiness is more than just a cosmetic concern; it can be a symptom of poor tank hygiene and might negatively affect the health of your fish. Fortunately, a little extra cleaning can help keep your tank water clear.