What is the frequency of cleaning the betta fish tank?

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I have a betta I named blaze he is blue,red and purple. I rescued him from a store that did not clean his bowl or feed him and he only had a half a cup of water in his bowl. He caught my eye because he was in the back corner behind all of the another bowls of fish as if they were hiding him he had bloody cuts and dammaged fins. It looked liked people had him fight but he is sweet when I brought him home i had a brand new tank I bought it is 5 or 6 gallons and when i first put him in it he loved it he was just scared of the filter . I bought him fish meds to help heal his cuts but now he has some scars. But what makes me un happy is that when iam in the room with him he swims all around the tank and when i come close to the tank side and rubbs his body against it. When I leave the room he turns different he goes in the corner near the door and waits . O um i have 2 snails named Blueberry and Teddy .Blueberry is a blue mystery snail and Teddy i rescued form a pet store but i wanted to know if they could go in with my betta?
One of the biggest burdens in keeping Betta fish is cleaning the tank.
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Help Dad relax..... A NoClean Aquarium. This innovative betta fish tank features a Hydrostatic Equilibrium Self-Cleaning System. Simply pour fresh water in, and dirty water is expelled through a tube and out of the tank while your fish swims happily within. There are no filters, batteries, or cords—you’re free to display this piece of living art anywhere in the home or office. of How to Clean a Betta Fish Tank was reviewed by  on March 15, 2017.
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Photo provided by FlickrStep-by-Step instructions on how to clean an unfiltered betta fish tank
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Self-Cleaning Betta Fish Tank. Uses less water to maintain. Great for the office, classroom, and home!! Water removed from the tank can be used to feed plants around the home or office. by: Craig Wenger and Davis TurnoverYour Betta fish tank needs to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to keep the water clean, free of debris, to keep pH and hardness levels ideal, and to keep unwanted compounds to a minimum. To properly clean your Betta fish tank, just follow these simple steps so you know how to clean a betta fish tank the right way.Self Cleaning Betta Aquarium - Simply pour fresh water in, and dirty water is expelled through a tube and out of the tank while your fish swims happily within. There are no filters, batteries, or cords.Make a fish tank using a water dispenser from goodwill. Cute and cheap! It is also easy to clean out half of the water weekly. Used for Betta fish.Self-cleaning Betta fish tanks are becoming hugely popular, and the NoClean Aquariums Gravity Flow is a best seller. This tank claims to be a true . Cleaning it is as simple as pouring some fresh water in the top, and the tank does the rest.That’s why self-cleaning Betta fish tanks are all the rage. They promise you the benefits of having a beautiful Betta fish swimming around without any of the maintenance downsides.This tank has a lot going for it, but it also has some significant drawbacks. In this article, we break down the pros and cons and bring you 8 truths about NoClean Aquariums Betta fish tank.In this article, we show you how to clean a Betta fish tank in 11 simple steps. When you’re done, you’ll have crystal clear water and a very happy fish.