Chinese Algae Eaters are a confusing fish

Aggressive Chinese algae eaters are a bad match for peace-loving goldfish.
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Young Chinese algae eaters, however, do actually eat the aforementioned slime. Sounds great, right? Wrong! As they grow, they become more carnivorous, but keep their taste for slime, and the sides of your goldfish start to look like the perfect snack. Older, larger and more dangerous algae eaters will attach themselves to more defenseless fish, and goldfish are some of the most peaceable and slimiest tank mates they could imagine—altogether a bad mix for you, the fishy pet owner.
A 10g is not much space, but there are lots of options for suitable small fish. Sadly though, not with a Chinese Algae Eater.
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The Chinese Algae Eater is moderately hardy and easy to keep. However, they do not always play well with others and can create a lot of stress in the tank. This fish is often obtained by aquarists to help control algae, but due to its size when fully grown and its aggressive tendencies, it is suggested for an aquarist with some experience. The quality of the water needs to be maintained, and they don't like a dirty substrate. As long as the tank is properly set-up and maintained, these fish do very well with most levels of fish keepers. A few weeks ago, I got a Chinese algae-eater for my aquarium, although the pet shop called it a golden sucking catfish.
Photo provided by FlickrYes, Chinese algae eater is the same things as the golden algae eater. Just 2 names for a fish that comes in more than 1 color.
Photo provided by FlickrCommon Name: Chinese Algae Eater, Indian Algae Eater, Sucker Loach, Sucker Fish, Golden Algae Eater, Lemon Algae Eater
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Chinese Algae Eaters are a boisterous fish and not a good choice for all aquariums. Often times they are bought young to control algae only to grow large and become aggressive with other fish. This fish was once thought to be a species of loach but is now in it’s own genus. They aren’t the best at controlling algae, despite their name. Chinese Algae Eaters only eat certain kinds of algae, and only when they feel like it. They prefer aquatic plants, lettuce, and algae discs to actual algae. They appreciate hiding places so they can feel secure, though they aren’t complete shut-ins. You will see this fish suctioned onto the side of your aquarium often, or hanging off of decorations. This fish has a unique adaptation. It has two gill slits, one to allow water in and one to expel water. This allows it to breath without taking it’s mouth off of rocks and to stay anchored in fast moving currents.The Chinese algae eater (Gyrinocheilus aymonieri), also known as the Indian algae eater, or the sucking loach, is a fish with a somewhat misleading name. While they do consume algae when they are young, they tend to eat less algae as they mature – as well as becoming large and territorial – making them a poor choice for most community fish tanks.Comments: I had my chinese algae eater for 3 years. the name is completly over rated...but im very sure that it helps with sales. yes they are great when they are younge, like the first 6 months of there life then after that they give up on algae and decide that flaks are much easer to eat. I have 2 of these fish they are great fish, fun and energtic. they also come in the brown color aswel as yellow and then combinations of half brown and yellow and than differnt combinations of those same colorsChinese algae eaters are one of the few fish that can breathe without using their mouths, and they have unique gills with two slits. Water is able to enter through one gill, and exit the other – all without them having to release their grip on a surface with their sucker mouth.