5M Air Pipe Tube With 2 Check Valves For Fish Tank Air Pump

One Way Non-Return Check Valve Fish Tank Aquarium Co2 System Air Pump
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When you first said it happened when you hooked up the gang valve, it sounded like you had maybe the third valve open, or like huach said, something is leaking air pressure. But now we have ruled out it won't even work hooked up directly. If you left the third valve closed, and limited the first two outputs to what you wanted, that might have made an adverse affect on your air pump. It may have burned out, or a diaphragm has ruptured or busted because it had to operate with restricted output. When I use a gang valve (which I don't anymore because I absolutely HATE bubbles and air pumps in general) Instead of restricting the amount of air going to the air stone, I just open a valve that isn't being used and let some air bleed out. Also, my first check valve I ever bought works just like it should. The other THREE that I have bought all are stuck closed, no matter which end you blew on air would not come out. I also bought one that would barely let any air out, so what I'm trying to say is, the check valves could have caused that air restriction too, causing the pump to mess up. Check valves are cheap and generally don't work. (at least the ones I buy). And I personally don't enjoy seeing bubbles flying everywhere in my tank. I enjoy a crystal clear tank filled all the way up to the bezel, and some nice fish swimming around, which is what the attention of a fish tank is for, right? If your air pump is very noisy, there is something wrong with the diaphragm and you will need to purchase a new air pump.
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I have been able to find loads of brass check valves locally, but from my research brass isn't recommended for use in aquariums as brass contains copper and has a good chance to leech it into the water and poison the fish in the tank. Simple design for easy use. The aquarium air line check valves can be connected to aquarium or fish tank?air pump?line. The produc
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3. Install an air check valve
Cut the air tubing with a pair of scissors somewhere near the fish tank and add an air check valve to it to prevent the water from getting back into the air pump.So I got a nice new bowfront 36 gallon tank for Christmas to combine my 20 and 10 gallon tank into. It's all set up and being filtered and heated. Has bacterial donations from the old tanks and the water quality was tested and is good so fishies and snail are now in and looking great. I have two decorations with a hole in the top where I like to have air stones providing bubbles to rise out of. To do this I have an air pump with two output valves. Both have a check valve and then the tube goes to the air stones. This is all the same stuff and set up the same way it used to be over two tanks, just now in one. And the 2 air stone are brand new. Suitable for aquarium and fish tank use.?16 check valve for your replacement.
Protect you air pump by preventing aquarium water from back syphoning during a power outage.
Place in your airline tubing between your air pump and aquarium water to prevent water returning down the air line.