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What ever size tank you get, just make sure that the stand you are going to put it on can be reliable for the tank and all the water. Next make sure (before putting in water) that the tank and the stand are level, from side to side and front to back. Do not put the tank in front of a window, very little direct sunlight is the rule. It would help not to put the tank in peoples way, as too much traffic is not the best conditions (this is for the fishes mental health), but on the other hand by no means think that they have to be in a corner, and kept away from. Just treat them like any other fish you have. The set up I am explaining is just about good fish husbandry,,,,Keeping the tank clean! as should be done for any tropical fish. Once your tank is set on it's stand, get the hose out, or buckets. And start filling the clean aquarium with your tap water.( Now, if you have chlorinated, or chloramine in your water you will have to treat the water with the store bought preparations for this. And water changes afterwards, will have to be treated before being added to the tanks.) Now fill a few inches to make sure it's still level. Go ahead and fill to a few inches to top, about 6 inches. Then put in the heater, the power filters and the sponge filter (if you can,t get these little sponge filters, I can tell you how to make them) By now your probably thinking, When do I put in the gravel? Well, This is one of the keys to success, Bare bottom tanks!!!!! some of you will not like this but at least for beginners this is a must! You set the power head down in one corner so it flows across the bottom of the tank, again this will circulate the water just gently enough to lift food and debris. Put the power filter wherever is good for you. Set up your little air pump some where and run an airline long enough for the sponge filter, if the sponge will not stay down at first, weigh it with a rock. The only other thing that can be in the tank is a piece of Brown colored clean drift wood. Let the aquarium run, and here's the hard part. You must let it run for 30 days with no filter changes at all,( this is called cycling a tank ), before adding any discus. You can add a small Cory cat and maybe a cheap fish of your choice, that will be leaving as soon as the discus get there. Keep the catfish. This break in period is very important in especially new tanks. The only way to cheat on this process is to have an already existing tank that has been set up, or a sponge filter that has been already been cured (you can even clean off an old sponge filter in the new tank, this is my favorite method) and some dirty water from another tank. All these steps will allow you to put the fish in a much shorter time. (Look under my water section to understand further the nitrogen situation)
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Flake fish food is one of the most popular staple fish foods available. Flakes are cheap and easy to find. They are full of the vitamins and mineral that you fish need. You can find them specially formulated for specific or get them in just generic tropical fish types. 56 Results - Great but Cheap Tropical Flake Fish Food, Cheap Home & Garden,Feeders,Aquariums & Tanks, as well as Cheap and more
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