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The Red Sea Max 130D is an incredible deal, one of the cheapest saltwater aquariums available that can handle both reefs and the delicate ecosystem of saltwater fish who inhabit them. This tank includes a skimmer and filter, cooling fan, temperature control, and everything you'll need to run a healthy saltwater fish tank environment. Unlike some other tanks out there, this is a complete package, and at 34 gallons it's big enough to hold a lot of fish. Click below for more details. Comes with black Totem cabinet.
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Fish tanks are expensive. It can be very discouraging for a newcomer wants to get involved in something like a saltwater tank and then finds out how expensive the hobby is to get started. Is there such thing as cheap fish tanks? There definitely is if you know where to look and are patient to wait for good deal. Today's post breaks down 5 tips to get you the best deal on cheap fish tanks. 180W Dimmable LED Aquarium Light Cheap saltwater fish tanks coral Reef Marine Fish Tank Growth Lamp AC 85-265V 60X3W White light
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In the saltwater world, everything gets taken up a notch. The costs, the maintenance, the tank size, and the fish all require some additional effort. Saltwater tanks are not cheap, but buy the biggest tank you can afford if possible. This is important because without the right size or salt level, your fish will be unable to thrive. Saltwater tanks also require more filtration. Filtration is the key to a healthy saltwater aquarium. There are three basic types of filtration: biological (Live Rock), mechanical, and chemical. If you choose to use a live rock filtration system, you will need a protein skimmer to remove dissolved waste. However, if this is your first saltwater tank, I recommend using a chemical or mechanical filtration system. A fish only environment will be the easiest to startup and the cheapest in comparison to reef tanks and fish with live rock environments. Even though saltwater tanks are more precarious to maintain and demand more responsibility, the rewards are much greater.  Saltwater fish may be more expensive, but when you see the level of variety you can achieve your jaw just may drop. Saltwater tanks offer much more color and beauty than freshwater tanks. Some popular and inexpensive fish that you can include in your aquarium are clownfish, dwarf angelfish, and damselfish.