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When dealing with a 50 gallon or more, odds are you’re just going to have to buy an aquarium stand. Again, craigslist often has large stands for cheap, but their tanks are usually bundled with it.
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I’m a garage sale fanatic. For every 10 garage sales I go to, at least one will have aquarium stuff. The tanks usually range from fish bowls to 10 gallon tanks, but occasionally a big tank and stand will be for sale. Bowls and tanks are often accompanied by a bag of gravel, some décor, and/or LED lights. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across filters and heaters too. So garage sales are another alternative to finding very cheap aquarium accessories. There is a risk of buying faulty products, so be sure to test filters, heaters, and other electronics before adding to the tank. 20 Results - Great but Cheap Tall Aquarium Tanks, Cheap Home & Garden,Decorations,Lights & Lighting, as well as Cheap and more
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These are the type of lights that come with most starter tanks and are very affordable. They typically range from 15 to 40 watts and have Kelvin ratings from 3,000° to 10,000°. Kelvin is the scale used to measure the color temperature. They are very cheap to run and replace. These are the often the stock lights that come with aquarium kits.And of course, if dealing with a small aquarium or a bowl, a cheap table lamp (with an aquarium bulb) will suffice as a light holder. Since lowering the water in small tanks can rob your animals of space, buy cheap plastic mesh screens from Michael's (60 cents each) and place over the opening.