Chad Ferguson (Bait Caster) Catfish Rod Specifications:

Currently available in the Chad Ferguson Signature Series Catfish Rod Line:
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No matter what catfish rod you choose, the most important thing is to get out on the water and start developing your own techniques, patterns, and preferences. Learning how to find the best catfish rod is often determined by anglers learning their own style, but looking at the top-rated catfish rods can certainly help. By taking an in-depth look at the catfish rods that have consistently gotten great reviews, catfish anglers can pinpoint the best catfish rod to .
Channel Catfish Fishing Rods – Fishing Rods for Channel Catfish
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The number of line guides is rarely a concern in a quality fishing rod. Cheaper fishing rods will always have fewer line guides. Equally as important is the material the guides that are made of as this is another common area of cost cutting in cheap catfish rods. Some things to consider when choosing a catfish fishing rod:
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Photo provided by FlickrCatfish boat rod racks are very popular with anglers who fish in rivers, here’s why:
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Mudville Catmaster is all new with an aggressive new look and outstanding product line-up. The new Mudville Catmaster is a complete line of catfishing tackle that includes rods, combos, terminal tackle, lures and tools – all designed by our crazy, passionate Mudville product team, and all rugged enough to take the abuse that any Big Blue or Channel Cat can deliver.I designed the original MH Chad Ferguson Signature Series Catfish Rod to be a universal “do all” catfish rod that could fit the needs of any angler and would work for all species and techniques (). The medium heavy catfish rod was built so it would be light and sensitive enough to fish for one to two pound channel catfish fitnesse fishing with prepared bait but big and beefy enough that it could land monster trophy class catfish and everything in between.In 2014 I released the first rod in my Chad Ferguson Signature Series Catfish Rod line from Whisker Seeker Tackle, the medium heavy two piece catfish rod and have since released the same medium heavy rod in a one piece model as well as a medium heavy spinning rod.Recognizing the need for a heavier catfish rod with a faster action I wanted to build something that was more targeted for trophy catfish anglers or those anglers who are targeting medium to large catfish exclusively but built on the same principles of the original medium heavy model.Following the release of the medium heavy model I finalized the testing of another rod in the Chad Ferguson Catfish Rod line from Whisker Seeker Tackle, the heavy power fast action rod.We’re going to recommend three options that should suit the needs of anyone who wants to get into catfishing, and we’ll discuss some of the qualities which make these rods highly suited for this specialized form of fishing. Read on, the information is yours and the ability to get into the sport is only inches away.