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The end goal is to have a set of catfish rods that’s ideal for every catfishing technique and .
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I would recommend a minimum of five or six fishing rod holders on your catfish boat and you may even want more fishing rod holders than that. As you can see if you look at pictures of our catfish guide boat we have a lot of fishing rod holders on the boat. We do this so we can easily fish with multiple different fishing rods from any side of the boat including the front or back, and fish from an angle on our catfish guide boat.
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Most manufacturers who make “catfish specific” rods generally use foam handles and cork is rarely seen. There are a variety of reasons behind cork being more common and even preferred by catfish anglers. Channel Catfish Fishing Rods – Fishing Rods for Channel Catfish
Photo provided by FlickrChannel catfish rods vary greatly based on which size channel catfish you plan to target.
Photo provided by FlickrCatfishing Equipment: Rods have their lure weight, action and line weight printed on the spine.
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We’re going to recommend three options that should suit the needs of anyone who wants to get into catfishing, and we’ll discuss some of the qualities which make these rods highly suited for this specialized form of fishing. Read on, the information is yours and the ability to get into the sport is only inches away.Shakespeare’s Ugly Stik rods are legendary amongst freshwater fishermen and these ones are designed specifically for catfish. There’s not much more you could ask for here, it’s simply an amazing series of rods.Mudville Catmaster is all new with an aggressive new look and outstanding product line-up. The new Mudville Catmaster is a complete line of catfishing tackle that includes rods, combos, terminal tackle, lures and tools – all designed by our crazy, passionate Mudville product team, and all rugged enough to take the abuse that any Big Blue or Channel Cat can deliver.
This commonplace after-dark activity was the inspiration for the new line of Mudville Catmaster Nightlife rods, combos, tackle and tools that include our signature "Nightlife" glow-in-the-dark features. You'll easily see your rod twitch with our Nightlife glow-in-the-dark rod tips, and our refillable Glowstick Floats will last all night long. These balsa wood floats even come with hi-vis inserts for daytime fishing as well.If you’re already familiar with Shakespeare’s rods, chances are you had an Ugly Stik or two. They’re the iconic rod for a beginner, and if you want to start catfishing there’s no better way to start than with a cheap and durable rod that’s designed specifically for your purposes.Generally speaking, catfish rods can : spinning reels and bait casting reels. More often than not, the best catfish rods will come in a baitcasting style. By nature, bait casting reels and rods allow for greater strength and control when wrangling a fighting fish. Most anglers agree that the best course to take when looking for a high-quality catfish rod is to instead.The rod blank is made of E-Glass, which is a sort of upgraded fiberglass. This material has a loyal following amongst those anglers who target catfish, they’re simply the toughest rods you’ll be able to find at the same price point. You can be sure of your ability to handle monsters with a Battle Cat in your hands.While some catfish rods are indeed , they are few and far between. By and large, fishing equipment manufacturers have shifted their focus to making bait casting catfish rods instead. For those who prefer to use a spinning reel, however, this review will highlight .