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Near import quality koi are delivered directly to your doorstop! The brood stock for our fish was hand-selected by top Japanese breeders and raised in identical conditions. As a result you can enjoy the benefits of beautiful high-quality koi at a fraction of the cost when you buy your koi fish online. All live Koi packages are intended for ponds no less than 2,000 gallons that contain adequate aeration and filtration to handle increased fish capacity.

Once ordered, your Koi will ship via air carrier on either a Tuesday or Thursday and arrive to your door that following Wednesday or Friday.
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Buy koi pond supplies and online to create the most beautiful, vibrant, and happy fish for your pond. We pride ourselves on the selections of products in this website and created many ourselves! The pond products we've chosen have been used to raise our over 185+ and 50+ years of research. We look forward to helping you choose the best pond supplies for your environment and specialize in products for high quality koi fish. Terms And Conditions - Buy Goldfish Online: Fancy Goldfish and Pondfish ..
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