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I would like to ask something, would you buy tropical, coldwater or marine fish online?
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Where to buy marine fishes online from in India??
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Additionally, there are some areas of the country, unfortunately, that because of their small population or remote location cannot support a local fish store. As such, individuals living in these areas are relegated to purchasing online or mail-order exclusively. But, that is one of the beauties of the internet. It can fill those voids in retail markets and can also help consumers make good purchasing decisions. In these instances, buying decisions should not revolve exclusively around availability and price. Scour the internet looking for on the vendor that is being considered. There is no shortage of people willing to volunteer their opinion online. Try to sift through those opinions to find legitimate praise or positive comment with regard to the quality of the animals received, packaging, shipping and customer service in general. does anyone know a reliable place to buy marine fish online?
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