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“There will always be purists within the hobby who don’t even like fancy strains, such as long-fin, , etc., natural mutations that are common within many domestic fish. Those people probably will never buy a GloFish,” says Watson. “However, a LOT of people love them.”
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With the advent of the first Glofish® in 2003, however, the aquarium scene changed. Now freshwater aquariums can have brightly-colored fish, too. Plus, zebra fish are easy to take care of, and it also gives me something cool to finally use that black light for. There is no shortage of accessories, special tanks, and lights you can buy for these fish, leading me to wonder whether the fish are the real money-maker or the toys you get so you can set up a tripped-out tank? Although we put this set-up together ourselves, you can buy  with
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Q: Can I breed GloFish® at home in order to serve them at larger food events? It is getting really expensive to buy them one at a time for each sushi roll I want to make. My friend is an aquarium enthusiast and he told me that the eggs are pressure treated to make them infertile.
A: It has been found that at least some GloFish® are fertile and will reproduce in a captive environment. Also, breeding them would allow you to control what chemicals the fish are exposed to (you don't want to be eating Melachite Green, for example). However, doing so would violate Yorktown Technologies' license which states: "Intentional breeding and/or any sale, barter, or trade, of any offspring of GloFish® fluorescent ornamental fish is strictly prohibited." Be careful not to let your tank accidentally get to the temperature and Ph level where the fish might breed spontaneously!Once you have read the information on how to care for your GloFish, you can start to buy your items. Some of the items you need for GloFish are a thermometer, a GloFish tank, GloFish food and of course decorations to put in GloFish tank. One of the nice things about GloFish is they are colorful already, so you can either get plain decorations or you can go crazy and get really bright decorations. The first thing I would do is decide how many fish you want. Once you have decided that, you can them move on to searching for GloFish tanks. In your Ebay search bar type GloFish tanks. Currently there about 33 listings. You can either buy a complete kit which will include everything you need, but will be standard or you can buy the tank you want and then customize your tank with what you like. Personally I like the Tetra GloFish Half Moon 3 gallon tank. Once you have your tank picked out, start searching for GloFish tank accessories. You will see a lot of options come up. Personally I would recommend the black with fluorescent highlights gravel. Next choose your plants. We have a pink and a green plant in our tank. Now you can choose your ornaments. There are many to choose from. You don't have to use a GloFish ornament but these work best if you want everything to glow at night. In our tank we have a GloFish skull and a Barbie treasure chest. The last thing to buy is your GloFish food.This "cool" collection includes 8 wonderful GloFish to brighten up your tank. You get two of each fish with a 10% discount compared to buying each fish individually. You get: 2 Galactic Purple® Danios, 2 Cosmic Blue® Danios, 2 Galactic Purple® Tetras, and 2 Cosmic Blue® Tetras.Hopefully you find this guide helpful when looking for your GloFish supplies. People are always looking for recommendations and reviews before they buy items. If you can think of any other tips or recommendations, you should think about writing your own guide to let others know. Thanks for taking the time to read my guide.