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When i started i really liked anemones. Being as Petco was the closest thing to a local fish store i killed 5 of them before learning that the only thing i was doing wrong was putting them under inadequate lighting. Did Petco ever ask once when i kept buying them......of course they didnt.
Aquarium Fish: Is it Safe to Buy Fish Online? - Doctors Foster and Smith
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And as far as buying from Aquabid, Just like any other auction site, check feedback, ask questions, and READ THE TERMS! If you do that, the only variable would be if the shipper mishandles the package. And most of the good sellers will guarantee their fish for live delivery, and will replace the fish at no cost, only shipping is on you. We take online orders for live pet fish with our easy-to-use
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Photo provided by FlickrI was wanting to know of all the places that you know or have heard of where to buy fish online
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Sushi has become very popular in America over the past ten years. Sushi bars and restaurants have been popping up all over the country featuring the freshest and sashimi. Some of the most popular fish are , , , and even . People are now able to buy sushi grade fish online and at home.If you're local to Santa Monica, this site may be for you. Anyone can order its cod, rockfish, skate, salmon, and much more online—but if you're within driving distance to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market, this company will hold your fillets at the market for you, says Jason Hall, chef de cuisine of . And on this site, you can also order more than fish. "My favorite things to buy on the site are actually their awesome vinegars, mushrooms, truffles, caviar and snails," Crary says.Landlocked amateur chefs need not settle for or whatever fillets they can find at their local grocery store. Sushi-grade fish—the best fish you can buy—is only a click or two away on your personal computer. Here, according to the chefs that use them, are the very best sites to buy fish online. (And once you've got your fish, check out our .)Do you like the convenience of being able to seafood online? I buy my seafood from . They have excellent grade fish and deliver your seafood fresh and quickly. If I can’t find something local (and many things I love I can’t), Catalina usually has it.

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