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A relatively plain looking fish as an adult so you may be wondering why this Cichlid makes our most exotic freshwater fish list. Well, it's because this fish is hyper aggressive. It is easily the most aggressive cichlid you can buy and arguably the most aggressive freshwater fish commonly available.
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live in oceanic saltwater conditions. While giant marine aquariums full of colorful fish are certainly attractive, the upkeep costs can be prohibitive for many buyers. For this reason, it’s recommended that people start with a freshwater or brackish tank before moving up to a marine tank. There are two main types of marine aquariums: reef tanks and FOWLR tanks. FOWLR stands for "Fish Only With Live Rocks." These tanks only include fish, live rocks, and select invertebrates, while reef tanks also include live coral and edible invertebrates. Where to buy freshwater plants and tropical fish online
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