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Aquariums - The tag at the pet store does indicate that koi will grow to 24" or larger, but that writing is usually pretty small and unsuspecting people will buy koi and stick them in an aquarium. If you put a goldfish in a small aquarium, they won't grow very big. Koi aren't like this, if the water is good and they are fed, they will continue to grow. Soon the koi ends up being a big fish in a tiny tank, and it becomes obvious they need a new home.
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Thanks! Hi Travis my best recommendation to you would be join a koi club to meet new hobbiest and learn more about koi. Also there are alot of memebers who have kois they want to sell due to over population, want to upgrade their quality, etc.. For the price you pay these would probably be better than any koi you buy at a pet store. If you do buy fish from any new source you must QUARANTINE, this is the "GOLDEN RULE" to all koi hobbiest. I know it's so frustrating to have to wait for a new fish to introduce into your beautiful pond, but if you quarantine your koi before they are introduced to your main pond you will never regret this advice. Also alot of club can recommend you to places and people who have good koi for sale. Go to koi show like San Antonio that's coming up in October, there should be some good selections there for you to choose from. Wish you all the best luck. Buy Koi Fish, Buy Koi Carp, Golden Koi - Pond Megastore
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Just as with any other pedigree pet such as cats and dogs, koi are often bred from specific bloodlines. Desirable bloodlines that include show winners and excellent specimens will be among the most expensive fish to buy, regardless of age and size.Where you buy koi carp will depend on what you ultimately want to achieve. If you simply want to keep healthy koi and are not overly concerned about the type, age or size of the fish, and are happy to begin with young fish that you can watch grow, you will have a wide range of options available to you.Fish type. Whether you are buying fish online or in a store, one of the first steps when planning to buy fish is to determine the type of fish you want. We will talk about this in terms of goldfish versus koi. Before you buy any fish, prepare your pond. For a beginning hobbyist, the pond size should be about 900 to 5000 gallons. The depth of the pond might range from 5 to 7 feet. A good Koi pond has both deep and shallow areas.The dealer you are buying your Koi from should have a clean facility.
A dealer can have a much higher stocking density than a hobbyist since
the he holds Koi won't be there for an extended period of time.
The tanks that house the Koi should not be over stocked and the should
either be placed a few feet apart or they should have a barrier in
between. If your dealer has a shipment that is under quarantine,
you don't want to purchase a Koi from a tank that is potentially
comprimised. The water the fish are in should be clean with
adequate filtration to support a heavy fish load.No doubt more and more people are turning up to get this fish for their homes and offices. People are scouting local stores to have these marine mammals for their homes. But, a larger section of individuals are taking the web route to buy Japanese Koi fish online. What makes koi fish online shopping so beneficial that people are flocking internet to have a share of these luck-bringing fishes? Lets find out!