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Doitsu HARIWAKE Butterfly 8-9
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In the US it is fairly common to see Butterfly displayed at koi shows and to date that is where I saw the only truly outstanding butterfly I have seen. This fish was kind of tan/beige/chocolate in color, nothing wild, but I think that monochromatic coloration helped its beauty because its fins were amazing. The fins were well balanced and this fish used them all, and kept them open, practically showing them off, for all to see and admire when most butterfly have a somewhat clamped fin appearance. This fish was awesome and looked every bit like a dragon koi should!! That’s right dragon koi. The popularity of the butterfly variety is not going away anytime soon either; I think they are here to stay. As time moves forward we will also see criteria start to be developed for the judging of the butterfly varieties, and we will also see that it will not be adopted in Japan…ever, and that is ok with me. Hobbyists will keep submitting their butterfly to shows, so if the demand is there, the criteria for judgment will be developed. I am sure someone is already well at work on the criteria already.
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Contrary to popular belief, koi are never liable to eat you out of house and home, and butterfly koi are no exception to this truth. Like many fish, the appropriate amount to feed a koi is determined by the water temperature. Being cold water fish, koi are cheerfully comfortable at 15-21° C and only require once-a-day feeding. 8” Doitsu Kujaku Butterfly Koi | Koi Fish For Sale
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I have a white butterfly Koi in my pond, and it is my favorite fish to watch. Particularly in the evening, its graceful movements are almost hypnotic and somehow calming. I plan to purchase more of these beautiful fish! The body of the fish remains relatively small in comparison to my other koi, but the fins grow longer each year. My butterfly koi is about 6 years old now, and his fins are almost twice the length of his body - you MUST have at least one of these elegant beauties in your pond or aquarium. They are the best stress reduction therapy you will ever find!Butterfly koi have been available in the United States for many years. During that time they have become immensely popular and are now being produced and sold by Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery.Koi Pond Guide is now an authorized Dealer for Blue Ridge Fish, they are a high quality Japanese Koi Fish and Butterfly Fin Breeder. If you would like to know the process they use for breeding There are some Koi connoisseurs who would consider talking about butterfly Koi one of the worst faux-pas that a person can make. Butterfly Koi are just something you shouldn’t talk about to them; they are considered the mutts of the fish world. Some Koi fans even consider the butterfly Koi to not be a Koi at all. Then there are others who are more open and consider the butterfly Koi to be one of the most beautiful Koi there are, depending on their size, their pattern, and their finnage.Now, for the story of butterfly koi development here. Several years ago, we noticed an ad in a pet industry trade magazine, of a firm in New York City offering long-finned koi for sale. This immediately piqued our interest since we have been a national supplier of koi, goldfish and other coldwater ornamentals for a number of years.A man called Wyatt LeFever was the breeder at Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery responsible for cultivating the long-fin Koi. The name “butterfly Koi” came from Randy; his son. One day Randy was in the hatchery with his father and, after seeing the fish, remarked that they looked like butterflies. Wyatt liked the name and it stuck ever since.