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Welcome to the Aquarium Undergravel Filters superstore! Undergravel filters offer one of the simplest ways to keep your pet's water properly filtered and aerated, while removing harmful contaminants and organic waste. The simple yet practical design features filter plates that utilize your gravel substrate as a source of biological filtration, pulling water through the gravel where beneficial bacteria can digest and eliminate harmful toxins and wastes. Undergravel filters are ideal for smaller aquatic tank setups, provide efficient filtration, and require minimal maintenance.

Pet Mountain's Aquarium Undergravel Filters store features top quality products from Lee's, one of the most trusted names in fish and reptile tank filtration and accessories. is the key to providing a strong biological filtration system. Undergravel filters utilize your tank's gravel substrate as a filtering surface area while providing oxygen to help aerate your aquarium water. Placed on the bottom surface of the aquarium, the filter plates utilize the gravel bed as a source of surface area and provide oxygen by recirculating the water down through the media and up through the uplift tubes.

allows you to maintain fish safely in a bowl or small designer aquarium for long extended periods of time. Keep your tank clean and aerated with this under gravel filter that minimizes maintenance responsibility. This filter includes a refillable carbon cartridge and decorative plant.

features a flat-plate design, meaning the filter plate has more open space which allows for better water circulation. It provides biological filtration & aeration for your aquarium water and includes a fish-saver elbow, Slim Discard-A-Stone, and Original Carbon Cartridge.

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Biofiltration does not stop with the filter. In fact, your mechanical filter is only the beginning. The most hard-working portion of your bio filter system is actually the gravel in your fish tank. This is where the bulk of the waste-munching microorganisms live. Gravel care is essential to the longevity of your aquarium and its inhabitants. To build up a good bio filtration bed, you'll cure your gravel by letting your tank run with plants for about two weeks before adding any fish, then adding just 2 or 3 fish at a time with a couple weeks between each batch. This allows those microorganisms to establish themselves and get to work without overloading your new tank with waste. Clean your gravel during water changes with a special siphon called a gravel vacuum and avoid using hot water or cleaning products in the tank. Turquoise gravel bulk turquoise green crushed crystal aquarium decoration pot magnet fish tank flowe...
Photo provided by FlickrTurquoise gravel bulk turquoise green crushed crystal aquarium decoration pot magnet fish tank flowe...
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