Tropical fish looks like a black hole with bright yellow

Bright blue tropical fish swimming on coral reef by colorful seashell.
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A reef is a very complex ecosystem. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the vast amount of color is just an evolutionary adaptation to allow all the fish to sort out their roles in the community. Note that pelagic species in the tropics don't seem to have those bright colors. Dolphins, whales, sharks, barracuda, rays... It seems to be mostly restricted to the fish that live in a large community of species.
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Tropical Fish Art, Simple Fish Art, Bright Fish painting, Ocean fish Painted on stretched canvas by artist, Sheila Ann Smith by SheilaSmithDesigns on Etsy We have 2 answers for the clue Brightly colored tropical fish. See the results below.
Photo provided by FlickrBright tropical fish in the Caribbean
Photo provided by FlickrInspired by the brilliant patterns of tropical fish, this needle book is bright and fun but also very practical.
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Found an answer for the clue Brightly colored tropical fish that we don't have? Then please to us so we can make the clue database even better!In the wild, mollies prefer to eat a plant based diet, most specifically, algae. Evolution has slowly turned mollies away from a carnivorous diet, and more towards a plant based diets, so their digestive systems are designed to digest algae better than most other tropical fish. The optimal diet for aquarium mollies would be algae, vegetarian flakes, and the occasional blood-worm or brine shrimp as a treat, but limit them to once or twice per week, max.Don't most girls just love pink and purple? Those are the colors that jump out at me on this piece of fabric, which measures 27 inches long x 44 inches wide. Pink, purple, blue, yellow, ornage, gold and green tropical fish abound! This fabric was purchased at an estate sale, and was not laundered prior to listing.

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Thank you for stopping by my store, I hope to see you again soon.However coral reefs do have an abundance of food. The reason why coral reefs have such clear water is because there is nothing in it: No alage, no sediment, no nutrients. In both relative and absolute terms they are extremely unproductive systems with very little available food. While a coral reef might provide marginally more food than an open ocean they provide far less food than any other inshore system. Contrast them with the continental shelf in temperate regions or magroves in tropical regions and they exteremly unproductive. Yet temperate shelf fish and mangrove fish are not noted for having bright colours.We have added the Betta to our list of best freshwater fish for beginners, because they are one of the most stunning tropical fish you can keep. The long colourful fins will catch the eyes of anyone having a peek in your tank. Betta fish are also very easy to care for, and they will eat most types of food including fish flakes, blood-worms and brine shrimp. For a treat, try offering some live foods to the tank.Cute Fish Art, Tropical Fish, Simple Fish Decor, Bright Fish painting, Ocean fish Painted on stretched canvas by artist, Sheila Ann Smith by SheilaSmithDesigns on Etsy