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and Bubblegum breeding but do not mistake them for true Blood Red Parrot fish.
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Nah. Flowerhorns are what you get when you randomly mix the blood parrot, midas, red devil, trimac and redhead, so all the different “breeds” just depend on which are included in the mix over many generations. Flowerhorns are just a much more complicated (and, in my opinion, uglier) progression of the cross-breeding and selective-breeding for shape, colour and genetic mutation process I’ve written about above. Personally, I’d rather focus on all of the gorgeous pure breeds of fish out there and learn about how nature works rather than trying to create Frankenstein fish, but to each his own!
i have ?.if i have a female blood parrot and one male green texas fish and i breed them then i have red texas fish?
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I have what one of my LFS claimed was a "dwarf Texas", I bought him as an impulse buy at about 1/2 inch for an empty 20 gallon. Well he quickly grew. When he first started growing I though he was a hybrid of a pearl Texas and a blood parrot, then I though sevrum, then I thought he was just a pearl Texas that was selectively bread to be short bodied. After a few brief discussions with some people on this site I think I am pretty sure he is a selectively bread short bodied pearl Texas. I guess selective breeding for short body is common in south East Asia, but so is hybridizations, so who knows, my Texas could be anything; it is not like breeders have to be honest about their fish. Well I like him very much, he is now about 4-5 inches I guess (in a 55 now), but he is very stocky and strong, kind of a slow swimmer though with the short body. Anyways, here are a couple pics, maybe this is what you fry may look like if your eggs do get fertilized and hatch, not sure if this is relevant, but since people were talking about it I thought I would show a few pics. You decide, just something for you to think about. Due to the fact that Blood Parrots cannott usually breed with each other, What would be the best fish to breed with a Blood Parrot?
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As much as I'm a believer in maintaining pure species and not hybridizing, I am also a firm believer in providing accurate information. Blood parrots can reproduce, but 95-99% of the time only the females are fertile. Female parrots can and do breed with male red devils and midas all the time. Heck, where do you think Parrothorns came from. They are a cross of a blood parrot and flowerhorn. My main concern is to make sure hybrid fish, if sold, are only sold as the hybrid fish that they are. However, when regarding blood parrots it would be rather easy to see the fry are hybrids as they'd take on much of the blood parrot look.Although Parrots will pair off and spawn the male Parrot is usually infertile and the eggs will die off. Successful spawning has resulted when the females have cross bred with non hybrid fish such as the convicts and other cichlids such as the Severums and Midas. Female BR Parrots have been bred with male Convicts to create the Jelly Bean and Bubblegum Parrot. These are usually dyed Red, Green, Blue, Purple or Pink. These fish should be avoided so not to contribute to the horrific procedure these are put through. Newly developed though are specimans that are a true pink, due to the cross breeding between the Pink Convict male and a BR Parrot female and are not dyed. They have been called Jelly Bean as well. There have been cases of Jelly Bean and Bubblegum breeding but do not mistake them for true Blood Red Parrot fish.You can recognise the blood red parrot at first sight due to the unique traits this fish possesses. Its beak like head and mouth and round body with large eyes are characteristic of this fish. Their mouths do not close but stay open in a perpetual "O" shape. Their teeth are far down their throats so they pretty much bump into each other but cannot bite and are no match for an aggressive fish due to this deformity produced during breeding.Blood Parrot Cichlids have been in the hobby for about 10 years and don't seem to be fading in popularity anytime soon. Parrot cichlids are said to be a hybrid from a Severum cichlid and a red devil cichlid. But now experts are thinking it could also be mixed with that and midas cichlids as well as convict cichlids but the secret isn't going to be released anytime soon since the breeders in china and japan are making a killing of them. Blood Parrot Cichlids ome in a variet of colors from blue, green, purple, tattooed, pink, yellow. Don't be fooled by the different colors because they fade back to a red or red/black combo. Also I have seen convict cichlid looking parrot cichlids with the black and siver strips. Parrot Cichlids get up to 8"-9". So they get large and need a large tank. These fish are some of the most calmest and non territorially fish. They can be put with some community fish like cory cats, platys, mollies, larger guppies, just no real small fish.