If fishbowls should be outlawed, then so should ALL aquariums!

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By Paul Talbot We suggest keeping fish in filtered aquariums where possible over bowls.
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Aquariums offer benefits a mere fish bowl cannot, even if you plan on having only one goldfish. In order to offer a sufficient amount of space for your goldfish, you want to consider the size of the tank. For a single fish in a tank, there should be 20­30 gallons (75­115 liters) of water inside the aquarium as primary shelter for the fish. You should add another 10 gallons (38 liters) for every additional goldfish added to the tank. This way, they have room to grow as much as they can, there is lots of room for them to excrete their waste, and they still have enough space to swim their way to happiness. In general most fish bowls do not provide an adequate habitat for most aquarium fish.
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Animated gifs aquarium fish bowl sea seagull sea birds sailing shark palm tree dolphins pelicans fish frog mermaid penguin octopus starfish whale seal waterIf you'd like the pleasure of a beautiful fish but don't have the space for a large aquarium, a fish bowl may be just the solution you need to bring a finny friend to your home. While it is true that a fish bowl is not the best home for any type of fish, fish bowls do work if you get the , the , and provide it with appropriate .Welcome to my website dedicated to the beautiful aquarium fish, the Betta fish. Here you will find information and advice about keeping a Betta fish in fish bowls. You can read about , and in his little home, the Betta Fish Bowl.Fish Bowl Aquarium & Pet Mart offers high quality pets, pet products and livestock. Locally owned and operated, our aquarium supply store has served Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts for the past 20 years. Both our West Warwick and Fall River locations have over 4,000 gallons of aquarium water running. We offer comprehensive aquarium services for both homes and businesses.Whether you are new to aquarium ownership or an experienced aquarist, Fish Bowl Aquarium & Pet Mart has the perfect fish for your tank. We offer healthy, high quality pets and livestock including puppies, who each come from USDA certified or local breeders. We are a full-service aquarium supply store with a great selection of fish for your salt or freshwater aquarium and all of the supplies you’ll need to keep them healthy.Tips on Keeping the Siamese Fighting Fish
The Siamese fighting fish or “Betta” is one of the most popular of all aquarium fish. There are several reasons for this popularity. First, is their beautiful colors often referred to as “splendid”, thus one of the more popular species Betta splendens. They are in the family of fish called Anabantoids. As such they have a special labyrinth organ that other fish do not. This enables them to get oxygen from the water surface as opposed to using their gills to extract oxygen from the water. Because of this special feature they are able to be kept in a small container or bowl, whereas other tropical fish need a larger aquarium with added filtration. The sales of Bettas have surged in recent years as they’ve become displays in beautiful, ornate vases, bowls and glasses and easily kept on a table top, desk or counter.