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German Blue Ram / Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi / Ram Cichlid / Tropical Fish / $4.99
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We are a small father and son family breeder based in Escondido, California. We have over 55 years of hands-on experience with all types of tropical and saltwater fish, and over the last 10 of those years were spent on learning, breeding, raising and perfecting our German Blue Rams.
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Are you considering purchasing a centerpiece fish for your aquarium? Are you looking for a fish that is tropical and eye-catching? The German Blue Ram Cichlid is a species that demands pristine water, but it rewards its owner with interesting behavior and a beautiful view. To keep a Blue Ram, you need to create the proper tank environment. Then, you must practice regular tank maintenance with an understanding as to the unique requirements of a Blue Ram. The Blue Rams are prone to the usual diseases of tropical fish.
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My favorite freshwater fish is the German blue (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi). However, every time I try keeping these beautiful fish they die. I have checked my water parameters and it seems all right: (pH: 7.2, nitrate: 35 ppm, nitrite: 0 ppm, ammonia: 0 ppm). None of the other tropical fish in the aquarium show any signs of harassing the rams. , tetras, and other soft water fish all thrive in my aquarium. Why won’t the blue rams?
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My parents have 3 different tanks of various African cichlids and an Oscar, so I am somewhat familiar with the eating habits of these fish (swarming to the top of the tank as soon as the top is opened for a complete feeding frenzy). This does not, however, seem to be the case with my blue rams. I'll put the cichlid pellets in the water, and the rams ignore it. Instead, I've noticed that they've been eating the tropical flake food and my pleco's leftover algae wafer on the bottom of the tank. Is this normal for this particular cichlid, to scavenge off of the bottom of the tank, or are they just still too nervous of their new environment to come to the top for food? I know cichlids can be a little skittish, but I've never seen one root around on the gravel for food. Any input would be much appreciated.Rams, like discus fish, require very pristine, soft water. I saw that you noted a nitrate reading of 35 ppm. While this would be acceptable for many freshwater species I think German blue rams may not tolerate that nitrate level. The best way to lower nitrate levels in the freshwater aquarium is through frequent partial water changes. When keeping tropical fish like rams and discus fish I often recommend bi-daily 25 percent water changes to keep nutrients in check. This may seem like a hefty load but a good water change schedule is an overall aquarium problem preventative. Rams are shy tropical fish that often struggle to eat in crowded community settings. Also, a pH rating of 7.2 is a little steep for the South American rams. I would strive for a pH level of 6.8 and see if your success rate increases.This episode of Fish Facts talks about the Blue German Ram and some of its relatives, How to care for them, what rams eat, and some general information. We love the ram and its lively personality. They make a great addition to most tropical fish community's. Make Sure to Subscribe for more and drop a like if you did :) We hoped you Learned about a great fish in the german blue ram that you can keep in your fish tank

Our Main Fish Tank is a 65 gl tall. 48" x 13" x 24"

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