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My black molly just had baby fish(Fry) but the new born babies are very tinyy?
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The baby Mollies can be fed daphnia, egg yolk, newly hatched brine shrimp, or commercially prepared baby livebearer food. After a time, you can use tropical flakes or pellets to feed them until they get mature. Live fish foods like black worms, grindal worms, and blood worms help to boost the raising of baby Mollies. In nature, the primary food of Molly fish is algae, so you could add some aquatic plants to the fry tank to provide them a place for hiding as well as supply some vegetable foods. You should feed the baby fish just enough to avoid dirty water harmful for the fish.
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I bought my son a black molly on June 4th, it's in a tank with onefancy goldfish. Today, July 4 I came home from a weeks vacation to have4 more baby mollies swimming in my tank. 2 days old xipho and black molly baby fish - YouTube
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I was reading around the web and some people keep black mollies in their sea horse habitats to give their sea horses a cheap supply of baby molly fish to eat. Have you heard of this being done, are there any negatives of acclimating and leaving adult mollies in a saltwater set-up with sea horses? I don't know if mollies would pick on sea my black mollys finally had babys.
had a look in my tank this morning and noticed my betta fish chasing which at 1st glance looked like tadpoles around the tank, unfortunately he got a couple.
put them in a floating fry tank, so they`re save now.I've been breeding Mollies, Swordtails, and Guppies since I was about 12. I've tried breeding betta fish, but the babies are so small and fragile that they always die. I took a long break from livebearers and had some tetras and angelfish. I had a Dalmation Molly that had 14 babies and only one made it to this day. The mom and dad got eaten and I moved the baby one to its own tank immediately. I just bought him an all black girl and she just had 9 babies two days ago! Black babies are the absolute cutest! The 2 adults never picked on them but I moved the parents to a larger tank and bought 2 gold dust mollies and a male swordtail. Breeding this fish is the coolest thing in the world. They are so adorable and is a hobby of mine.Hi my black molly had her babies today I got her in the little floatingbirthing tank/fry catch just in time to watch the birth of 10 littlemollies. She has always had small batches. After the 10th baby was bornI noticed she was pushing out some eggs too. They look fertile withlittle blood vessels and looks like a tiny black fish in them. Cananything come of these?