Jet Black - 5 lbs Aquarium Fish Tank Gravel, Pure Water ..

Jet Black - 5 lbs Aquarium Fish Tank Gravel, Pure Water Pebbles color rocks
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I bought a 10gal aquarium about 6 months ago I had bought 4 glow fish and 2 neon tetra and the black light for the glow fish. The glow fish would hide under the filters and then after about 1 week they started dying I tested the water with the test strips and it was fine I went to petsmart with a water sample they said it was fine and replaced the fish about a week later it happened again so I got different fish 2 none tetra 2 red lid tetra and then petsmart sold be a bunch of chemicals for the tank I have done complete water changes bought new gravel and my fish keep dying please help
Jet Black - 5 lbs Aquarium Fish Tank Gravel, Pure Water Pebbles color rocks | eBay
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When selecting your gravel you need to take into consideration everything that is going into your tank. High water flow angled downwards can cause a problem with tiny gravel. For ground walkers and snails small gravel may be the better choice. Plecostomus will love to munch on large pieces of gravel as they suck off the algae and many shrimp enjoy holding the large pieces in their many hands as they eat. Plants can easily spread their roots in both sizes, and algae can sink further into large gravel. Some fish even like to burrow into small gravel!

Ultimately smaller gravel need less, but more difficult, maintenance and are favored by most creatures. If however you own only free swimming fish and cleaner shrimp large gravel may be more your style. If you have tank mates who require different gravel you can even get two smaller bags of each, getting the benefits of both.

While this is a choice of preference we still want to make sure new owners don't buy without thinking ahead. Sure green gravel can look beautiful and provide a rich background. Add in a couple plants and there's suddenly too much green. Likewise with black gravel it may be too dim if you have dark fish with few decorations. Remember the aquariums are supposed to be unique and vibrant. Try a color you don't see every day or even mix two colors together. Solid black combined with grey stones can give you a rich charcoal effect while green and pink produce an uplifting spring time vibe.

Savvy owners can even match and contrast their gravel with their fish. Everyone knows the combo of glow fish and black gravel. Dazzle your visitors by contrasting black and red fish with a lighter color. Conversely white/silver fish with dark colors can make a beautiful pairing.

If you do not want any live plants and have few scavengers, just an inch will serve your tank well. This will save you both space and money. For those tanks full of plants and various burrowing fish a 3 inch deep bed creates a more suitable environment Jet Black - 5 lbs Aquarium Fish Tank Gravel, Pure Water Pebbles color rocks
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I want the tank to look bright and not dim. Does black or white substrate bring out the colors better? I kind of like this look: for the substrate -sand surrounded by gravel and pebbles. Ive read that white will wash out the fish and plant colors which is not what I want.Just an update on my 55 gallon freshwater aquarium because I had posted other videos of the frontosa when they were much younger. There are 4 Burundi frontosa, 2 females and 2 males, 1 female Kigoma frontosa, a breeding pair of angelfish, and a breeding pair of kribensis. Everyone gets along for the most part and the tank has been up and running for at least 6 years. I recently removed a male Burundi frontosa to promote breeding and reduce aggression and plan to remove another one soon. Also recently switched to black gravel from white sand, added some new rock and wood decorations, and switched back to a Fluval 305 canister filter. Eheim doesn't get it done in this tank, just doesn't move enough water. Tank now has LED lighting with blue moon glow for night time. Switched from ocean background to solid blue. The fish seem to be much more active and willing to go higher in the tank now that the light is less intense. Also changed their diet from mainly algae wafers to mainly fish and shrimp.