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After this first See No Evil event flips back on the lights, Adams says she plans on hosting the blackout dinner every six months at Big Eyed Fish. "The dinner will be memorable and I hope everyone gets a change to experience at least once in their life."
Big Eyed Fish hosts a lights-out pop-up dinner with four small-portioned courses served in pitch black darkness.
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Black Moors (Carassius auratus def: Goldfish). protruding eyes (bug eyes). Young Moors resemble bronze fantail gold fish. The black moor is a telescope-eyed combo of fancy goldfish that has a pair of protruding buggy eyes. The black Moor have deep egg shaped bodies with beautiful long streaming flowing fins. They are also called telescope, popeye, their origination is, Japan called (kuro demekin) and China (dragon-eye). They can grow to 8 to 12 inches (20 to 31 centimeters) long in length. Will not lose their velvet-like appearance with age. The black Moor goldfish lives between 5 to 25 years of age). Black Moor demekins may also change back to metallic orange when they are in warm water temperatures. They have a deep dark black almost velvet-like appearance. Sometimes loose this color to become a more light greyish and bronze color. Most Black Moor goldfish will not stay pure black forever and many of the Moor goldfish fish change colors from a rust like color on the bottom of their belly, to orange splotches. Their eyes are usually fairly big and their vision is very poor. Black moors are not born with such huge eyes, their eyes develop this characteristic as they mature. The other feature to note is the eyes of this fish move sideways, and not upwards They can injure their eyes with objects with sharp edges in your aquarium because of the eyes are standing out of their heads so much. The black moor goldfish. and Black Wall Art Room Decor - Big Eyed Fish in Space a Fine Art Photograph.
Photo provided by FlickrThe Black Out Dinner at the Big Eyed Fish will take place on Saturday, April 30th
Photo provided by FlickrOct 21, 2015 - Big Eyed Fish hosts its first blackout dinner November 19
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Experience a heightened sense of taste with a Black Out Pop-up Dinner served in pitch black darkness at Big Eyed Fish on Tuesday, April 19, 2016.
Only one of my goldfish are changing colors I have the black big eyed goldfish and the smaller one I have it’s changing a orange sliver color does this mean they are different sexs?