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Fire-Mouth, Green Terror's and Tiger Oscars - Aquarium Update (Black background)
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Water Colors Aquarium Background is a pre-cut, high quality material, that is easy to apply to any Glass or Acrylic aquarium to enhance the look of your aquarium. Backgrounds are available in both blue and black.
Marina® Reversible Black & Blue Aquarium Background | Backgrounds | PetSmart
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what i did was use a pure black aquarium background i bought to cover the back. previously i used tape and it has that dulled look to it, like you can see your reflection through the tank. i saw a product called seaview/clearview that basically says that one can apply this mixture and all of a sudden, the background pops with clarity and color. i did some research and found this was basically vaseline-ish. others have used vegetable oil with much success, so i tried it. Marina® Reversible Precut Black & Blue Aquarium Background | Backgrounds | PetSmart
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One of the considerations that hobbyists face while setting up their aquarium,is whether the aquarium should have background scenery or not. Many people prefer it without a background,but then again that depends on what you have behind the aquarium. If you have a plain white wall,maybe you would like to leave the aquarium without any background,but what if the view behind the aquarium isn't all that appealing? Then again,would you rather prefer an underwater scenery or a simple plain poster - Black,Blue or White?Aquarium backgrounds are easy to apply and there is no mess, waiting for the 2nd or third coat to dry, no taping or paint fumes to worry about, no paint, rollers or brushes to buy and you literally can’t tell if the tank is painted or if the glass or acrylic is black or blue.I wanted a dark backdrop of my tanks instead of seeing my wall which has trim and goes from upper half drywall to wood at the bottom (house came this way, not my idea). I didn't care for something temporary like black construction paper (easily damaged by water), or the very reflective aquarium backgrounds you pay an arm and a leg for if its a long tank. I wanted something that wouldn't mold if it got wet so my husband suggested we use some of the leftover Backer board from a recent project (its a mold resistant drywall used in bathrooms and sometimes outdoor projects/extensions). I picked up a small bolt of black fabric at my local small business sewing store, measured the back of the tank and used my husband's square to make straight lines on the fabric with some chalk. I gave about 1-1.5" excess in material all around and cut this out of the fabric then handed it to my husband along with the tank back measurements. He used a saw to cut the backer board to size as well as a piece of 2by4 to work as a back/stand for the board. Drilled the two pieces together then using a staple gun put the fabric onto the backer board and it was done!The only product I am able to find is Blue Life Water Colors Aquarium Background and yes it comes in black. However it does not say whether or not it is permanent or not.Painted – The cheapest and one of the simplest ways to create aquarium backgrounds is to paint them yourself. This option is very popular with people who like plain backgrounds for their fish tanks as it’s inexpensive and quite easy to do. The most commonly used colors are darker colors such as black, dark blue and dark green, however this depends on the types of decorations and the colors of the fish in your tank, so experiment with different colors and choose one that you think will look best.Does anyone have pictures of a aquarium with Pool Filter Sand preferably, with a BLACK background, and preferably a planted tank. I really need to see how this design would work out before i try it. Would also like to see Play Sand with Black Background. I might end up mising some pool filter sand with Ecocomplete black sand/small gravel as well that i already have, but quantity of black would be much less.