Black, white and dark gold, tricolor, butterfly telescope goldfish.

Beautiful black and white Panda Oranda fancy goldfish
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My goldfish started out white then turned black. The next morning i woke up and the goldfish were gone along with my wallett and flat screen tv.
Black and white panda, butterfly telescope goldfish.
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The Oranda Goldfish is an egg-shaped variety of goldfish. This fish has a large, round body, shimmering scales, and a long flowing split caudal (tail) fin that fans out when it stops swimming. All of their fins are paired except the dorsal fin, and the tail fin is generally split.The Chinese have also developed a telescope eye variety of the Oranda Fancy Goldfish.Orandas can have metallic or matte scales and are available in a wide variety of colors, including red, black, calico, chocolate, and red/white combinations. Additionally, a blue variety has recently been developed.A highly popular and favorite variety is the , which is pictured above. The Redcap is totally white except for a cherry red hood, which looks just like a cap.In Asia, though the common name Oranda is applied to these fish, a variety with the fleshy growth covering its entire head is known as the Tigerhead or Tiger Goldfish.The average goldfish life span is 10 – 15 years, though living 20 years or more is not uncommon in well-maintained goldfish aquariums and ponds.They will generally reach about 6 - 7 inches (5-18 cm), though they have been known to grow much larger in many aquarists' tanks. The largest known Oranda Goldfish is Bruce, bred in Hong Kong at the TungHoi Aquarium, where he is reported to have reached a whopping 15 inches (38 cm) in length. black and white moor goldfish with butterfly tail
Photo provided by FlickrBlack and White Panda Oranda Goldfish.
Photo provided by FlickrBlack, white and red, calico, butterfly telescope goldfish.
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(sometimes called "Panda Moors") look like Black and white versions of Black Moors. The ideal coloration is panda-like coloring (black eyes and black back and fins, and white everywhere else), but the term is often applied to any black and white Telescope goldfish. Panda moors should have a black that is deep, and a white that is actually white (not silver or transparent), with no fading between the two colors. Pandas can have metallic scales, but most seem to be matte. Common goldfish colors include orange, red, black (matte), brown (chocolate), white (opalescent or metallic; sometimes verging on pink), blue (also called silver or lilac) and yellow (true gold). The range of goldfish colors and all their possible combinations make these fish quite attractive, especially to hobbiests who love to have a bit of variety in their aquariums. A hardy and inexpensive fish to own, goldfish are a good choice when you're looking for variety. Not only do goldfish come in dappled versions of black, white, gold, and orange, there are many different with entirely different looks. The best part is that you can keep many of them in the same tank because they get along well. If you have difficulty choosing between any of the previous colors, no problem. Perhaps a bi-colored or a calico goldfish is the one for you. Calico goldfish fish have random speckles of red, orange, gold, black or bronze on a white background. Bi-colored goldfish have a combination of two colors, such as red and white or red and black. All things considered, both types of color combinations are quite striking, and they make a nice visual addition to a tank with multiple goldfish.