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“When most people think of bird migration, they assume birds fly north to south and back, but seabirds migrate to the open sea, and only return to land to nest. Once a juvenile puffin heads out to the ocean, it may not see land again for as long as three years,” said CJ McCarty, the Aquarium’s Curator of Birds.
bird cage aquarium- I love this idea. Fish tanks by themselves are never all that pretty.
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With a fish bowl set inside, this birdcage is a funny aquarium that gives the illusion that the fish can swim out into the room. Source: Flickr User PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE Skip the zoo, its a toss-up between the  or Aquaria. Depends on whether you prefer fish or birds...
Photo provided by FlickrPINE KNOLL SHORES, Carteret County - A Bird's-Eye View free flight show will be held at the N.C. Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores on May 27.
Photo provided by FlickrLorikeets, tropical birds from Australia, perch on a vine in a new exhibit at the N.C. Aquarium at Fort Fisher.
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A couple patented design elements make the Bird's Eye Aquarium unique. Firstly, the aquarium is designed for the water to reach all the way to the top glass. By doing so, viewers get a clear view into the aquarium that is undistorted by surface waves, reflection, and refraction. Secondly, unlike other coffee table aquariums, the Bird's Eye incorporates a built-in sump filtration system hidden within its base.Guests will have an opportunity to meet brown pelicans and turkey vultures, and learn about seabirds’ springtime courtship antics during chats with the Aquarium’s aviculturists.The Aquarium, which is home to the largest outdoor seabird aviary in North America, will honor birds’ remarkable migrations with pleasant surprises for Aquarium visitors and animals.Below is the promotional video for the Bird's Eye Aquarium. Advanced warning: It's light on details and a little difficult to understand. One thing we noticed in the video is the noise caused by water cascading down into the sump. We hope it's not really this noisy in real life.Every Bird's Eye Aquarium is reportedly built-to-order. Many custom finishes are available, from modern gloss finishes to faux wood and stone finishes. While there are several standard models to choose from, aquarist can request custom shapes to satisfy their fancy.Join us for an exciting day of activities as we celebrate caring for our Earth. The day begins with a cleanup of Cabrillo Beach. Then head over to the Aquarium to interact with local agencies and environmental groups, dive into arts and crafts and hatch grunion eggs! Learn about our coastal environment and take part in our Salt Marsh open house, habitat walks, coastal bird walks and bird lectures from experts in the field.Here are the standard models offered for preorder through this at discounted pricing. The Bird's Eye Aquariums is suitable for residential or commercial spaces including public aquarium exhibits. We fear some of these (particularly the bottom-most design) will turn up in "hostile environments" such as nightclubs.The adventure at The Dallas World Aquarium begins at the top of the rainforest exhibit, where exotic birds, such as Cocks-of-the-rock and many species of toucans, can be seen. Lounging around are Two-toed and Three-toed sloths. Endangered animals, such as Orinoco crocodiles, Giant river otters, Antillean manatees and several species of monkeys are part of the many conservation projects. The aquarium portion displays interesting marine life, including Japanese crabs, jellyfish, Leafy, Weedy and Ribbon seadragons. Black-footed and Blue penguins can be seen swimming as guests enjoy the outdoor South Africa exhibit. Sharks, rays and sawfish are only a few of the fish living in the Mundo Maya cenote. Safe from Neotropical eagles, are euphonias, tanagers and hummingbirds. Reptiles and amphibians, both of significance to the Maya culture, can be seen throughout the exhibit.