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All 4, 8 and 16-gallon biOrb fish tank are equipped with the Standard LED lighting unit, which uses long life LED bulbs and plugs right into the transformer alongside the , meaning only one power outlet is required to run the aquarium. Both the lighting unit and air pump are low voltage and come with a 12-month guarantee.
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A beautiful 40 litre fish tank with interchangeable wooden lid and base, revolutionary lighting and a minimalist Swedish design rivalling Biorb fish tanks. Baby biOrb Classic 4-Gallon Moonlight Silver Aquarium 45634 @ Fish Tanks Direct
Photo provided by FlickrVideo of the biube pure fish tank during the day and night with the intelligent led light. Visit  for the best sales on Biorb Supplies
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The 28-gallon biOrb fish tank features an Intelligent LED Light, which also uses a low voltage LED light that plugs into the transformer. The Intelligent LED Light uses an inbuilt timer which cycles through sunrise, daylight, sunset, and moonlight over a 24-hour period.The different package options mimic the Biorb 30, but the Biorb 60 boasts a slightly larger footprint that will allow you to keep more fish. It measures 16 inches in diameter and 17 inches tall. This fish tank makes an interesting conversation piece. If you are looking for a cube style aquarium you might also want to check out the Biube, a cousin of the Biorb Fish Tank.The biOrb fish tank is constructed from acrylic which is 10x stronger than glass, as well as 50% lighter and 93% clearer, making for a much better viewing experience.As per market reviews, BiOrb fish tanks generally do not have any glaring disadvantages that stick out. However, it isn’t perfect either and here’s why:- Poor Lighting – Past owners have reported that the lighting coverage isn’t very good which makes it hard to grow plants in the tank. If you’re a beginner, perhaps it’s something worth overlooking until you gain enough experience to grow live aquarium plants. Plus, you can always start with plastic plants first. (Read: ) Small Opening – Another downside is the opening is a bit too small. This makes it hard to work on the insides of your tank.biorb60 biorb 60 tropical marine fish tank mollys neon tetra red swords live rock coral clown loach 30 baby intelligent light hd beautiful coulours hull the deep dead funny goldfish moonlight how to set up volcanic bubble tube aquarium howto angelfish oranges apples grass trees underwater plants leather acrylic wood bowlForm and function come together in this easy-to-set-up, stylish aquarium kit. Comes with a patented 5-stage filtration system with easy maintentance. Made of crystal clear acrylic, ten times stronger than glass! The kit is so complete all you have to do is add water and fish. Included: biOrb tank, halogen light, bio-media (gravel), filter, air pump, water chemicals, instruction booklet and fish food. 16 gallon capacity. Suitable for goldfish, the Mega can also be converted to a tropical aquarium.