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The BiOrbs are beautiful fishbowls. Aquarium professionals don't like them very much because the filtration is limited and the shape is not ideal for fish. However, being a fish enthusiast myself, I found that adding an air stone, cleaning the tank and changing the water frequently, my fish are thriving and I'm loving it. Be careful not to overstock though. The smaller size is great for a single Betta fish and the large one can keep some Gupies very nicely. I would definitely not recommend it for Goldfish. Mine is a BiOrb Life 60 and I keep 5 zebra Danios in it. Some BiOrb reviews are not so good, but from personal experience, I can say I like it.
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In most of the cases, users have written reviews with utmost satisfaction. Many of them suggested that BiOrb fish tank is a great product for newcomers who want to have an aquarium for the first time – most people find it user-friendly and affordable. biOrb Life Aquarium (Portrait 60) Review - All About Betta Fish Tanks
Photo provided by FlickrAn Unboxing of the Biorb Life 45 litre aquarium and a candid review, plus honest advice :)
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A short review and unboxing on Oase BiOrb new aquarium the Tube 35. A great little aquarium which overcomes previous BiOrbs shortcomings. Kit includes BiOrb Tube 35 Aquarium, LED Light, Media, Airpump and filter system, water treatments & startup guide.

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– This 8 Gallon biOrb Aquarium Kit, also called “biOrb Classic 30” looks fantastic no matter where you put it. If I were you, I would keep an eye on it when friends are over or else it might disappear on you without you even noticing. This tank is a great option for anyone, but especially people just starting out in the aquarium world, since it is easy to set up and clean. There is nothing worse than starting your first aquarium and having a hard time setting it all up, so this is a good bet since you shouldn’t have any problems with the biOrb. Keep reading for our biOrb Aquarium review.

This particular biOrb aquarium measures around 16.5 inches (height) x 15.7 inches (diameter) and weighs approximately 68 pounds when it’s completely full. Not entirely impossible to move it after you have set it up, but enough to make you think twice about it, so make sure you find a good spot for it.
There are over 1 million BiOrb Classic aquariums purchased on the global scale. Despite its simplicity, its design is suitable for keeping betta fish. Therefore, we rate it in the list of the best betta fish tank reviews.