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Fighting between two young betta (fighter) fish's for a big female betta fish.
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If you wish to breed your betta fish and see the younger version of your loved pet, then you have to spend some quality time and effort to do it. Making the betta fish mate is a very interesting and challenging hobby. You can even spend your long weekend or holidays in breeding the betta fish because bettas do not just mate with any fish. They should be compromise and get attracted toward their pair. Only then, they will show the signs of breeding. If not they will end up in a big fight that will lead to death. Make sure to breed your betta fish when they are young, as they will be less aggressive and will mate easily. Betta fishes build a bubble nest to intimate you that they are ready to breed. All you need to do this is get ready with a pair for your betta fish, filter, heater, , live food and two covered tanks. Instead, you can also use a , which will come with all amenities. If you own a male betta fish then be proud because, it is the little daddy who guards their offspring.
Assorted 'Big Ear Dumbo' Male Fighter £14.95 - passive fish but only one male fighter fish per tank, or they fight to the death
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Other common names include: Penang Mouth-Brooding Fighting Fish, Pengang Bettafish, Mouthbrooding Betta, Malayan Betta, Giant Betta, Big Eye Mouthbrooder, Javanese Mouthbrooding Finghting Fish Hmm… I dont think it would be a good idea. There is a big risk of an aggressive betta fish fight with lots of injuries if you do that.
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It is not that all betta fishes are loners, they do compromise with other creature. If you have a big tank and wish to have a school of fishes, you can try keeping few other aquatic creatures in your betta tank. Female bettas are less aggressive and can go well in a communal tank whereas male betta cannot share its home with other bettas. Still you can keep them with other creatures. Most types of bottom dwellers, non-nibbling fishes, frogs, and snails can persist in a betta colony. However, make sure that the fishes or snails are not of bright color, because betta may think them as other bettas and pick up a fight with them. Become an explorer, just try letting any other creatures listed below with your betta and observe their survival. If they go well, then you are successful aquarists. This in turn will also make your aquarium live and fun. Also, make sure your aquarium is minimum 10 gallon when you are planning to school your betta.I've had various sizes of fish tanks and tropical fish for several years, and the Betta is one of the most poorly placed fish in this aquatic hobby, that I have ever seen. It is good to read somebody that also doesn't believe they belong in a tiny bowl or tank. Personally, I'm not a big fan of 'em, but the few Bettas I have had, were in a 29 gallon community tank. Unlike what some people think, the Bettas are actually timid, poor little fish when compared to others. When you have two males together they will often fight each other, but other than that, I always had to worry about the other fish killing them. Even the tiny tiger barbs would pluck them to death, if they felt feisty enough; ha!Thanks for the lesson about Bettas. I've never had one because I've always been told you can't put them in the tank with other fish and I didn't want two tanks. You said they will fight with each other and I get that part. When you say fish similar to them, what does that mean? Other types of betas, fish with big fancy fins, or both? For some reason I can picture me putting a Betta in my tank and him utterly destroying my two tetras - I can't remember what they're called but the look a little like angel fish and have the big billowy fins like the n my fiance purchased our fighting fish a yearago we named him blue cause hes royal blue in color he has grown so big since we first got him hes such a joy we only put him in poland spring water they r very smart fish n can be very playful.