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Hi guys! This video is about why betta fish need bigger tanks. I tried to put as much information in here as I could and I hope it is helpful!

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I actually have two Bettas that I bought from Wally World. They'd be the only fish I would actually buy from there. The first one I bought had a bit of fin rot, but seemed feisty. I brought him home, quarantined him, and now he's having massive fin regrowth, and is living happily with a mystery snail and his pet moss ball. The second one was the only healthy Betta at the store when I went in, and is fairly young. He's still being quarantined before I move him to a bigger tank. It's a really nice feeling to bring a sick or maltreated Betta to complete health, but it takes time and effort.

Major pet stores don't keep the Betta conditions much better than Wally World, so if you really want quality, go to a mom and pop shop, or order from a reputable breeder.

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I think you really love your beta, and want to do the best for it. Your beta tank is way to small, a beta is a big fish, and can.t be happy in such a little space to live. Think, you have to live your life in a space, as litte as a airplane toillet. I'm sad to say it, but in this little tank, it will not live a long time. Just search at google about taking good care of a beta, and you'll find lots of instructions about the size a tank should have. It also needs a filter, to get all its waste out of the water, and keep the water fresh and clean, places to hide, can be rockholes, or high plants, so it feels save. I'm absolutely not judging you, some petstores don't care of they sell proper envirements for the pets, and don't give always the right information, they only think about selling. Others really take care, and give you a really good advise, as they all should do I think. I think your little fellow needs more space, some gravel on the bottom, a few plants, en places to hide. It is a tropical fish, so a heater would be nice, and a filter is really needed. If he gets this, I'm sure, you'll have a happy beta, wich has enough space to show all his beauty, and even is gonna come to you wenn you're near his tank. (sorry for my bad english :-)). Wishing you all the luck and lots of joy with you're betta. Betta fish that live in the wild eat live food, mostly bugs. In captivity, bettas can eat pellets and flake food formulated for their species, and they should also receive fresh or frozen brine shrimp, as well as freeze-dried bloodworms and daphnia. Their stomachs are only as big as their eyes, so feed small amounts twice times a day, and rotate foods to offer complete nutrition. here is a video of my betta swimming around his lovely big tank. leave any comments you may have, but just to say his fins have always been that short, they were not bitten off by the other fish or ripped off by the filterIf you are thinking of getting a Betta fish I hope you are also putting a little thought into what kind of tank will be right for him. I have several articles that discuss best tank size and setup for Bettas, and my unambiguous and unwavering advice is to choose a tank of at least five gallons for a single fish. If you expect to have tankmates for your Betta, you will need an even larger tank.