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Marine Betta (Comet Fish) Comet Fish or Marine Bettas (Calloplesiops altivelis) are a popular marine aquarium species native to the Indo-Pacific. They are commonly found around rock crevasses at depths between 5 and 48 meters. This peaceful, relatively small fish is well suited for beginning aquarists but can be difficult to feed when initially stocked. In this article, we will look at the characteristics of
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Breeding: It is possible to breed Marine Betta Grouper fish in aquariums and aquarium breed fish are available in the aquarium trade from time to time. Tank breed fish are often of better quality and is often a better buy even if they are smaller then wild caught. It is hard to sex this species. They lay up to 500 eggs on the roof of a cave and the eggs hatch after 5 days. The fry only has a very small yolk sac and will start to eat almost instantaneously after being hatched. Marine Betta fry grows slowly and needs 7 months to adapt the adult coloration. Marine Betta fish has a relatively rough spawning act that often result in damaged finage on the parents. Marine Betta Comet Fish - Aquarium Network - Custom Aquariums
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The Marine Betta (Calloplesiops altivelis) is also commonly known as the Comet. It is another amazing looking saltwater species that gets to around 8 inches in size and needs at least a 55 gallon aquarium or larger. They can be very shy when first introduced and that can pose problems if they are kept with more aggressive tank mates. Make sure they are getting something to eat. Once eating though they are considered very hardy. They may fight with other Comets but should be ok with similar sized fish. Smaller fish and shrimp may become snacks.Marine Betta fish (Calloplesiops altivelis) is a member of the grouper group and are found in the Indo-Pacific ocean. They are widely available in the aquarium trade and smaller specimens are usually a better purchase since they more easily adapts to new environments. They can grow to be 27 cm / 11 inches in aquariums even if most specimens never reach anywhere near this length and 16 cm / 6 inches is a more common size for an adult Marine Betta. They are a hardy species if their feeding habits are meet and only seldom suffers from diseases.The Marine Betta is a stunningly beautiful fish that unfortunately requires a lot of care to do well in aquariums since they can be very hard to get to eat. They often refuse to eat anything but live food and can be very slow eaters making it hard to feed them in aquariums with other faster eaters.Marine Betta fish spend most of their time in caves and can be kept in relatively small aquariums. An aquarium tank of 200 L / 55 gallon is enough to keep a pair of this species. They are predators and should as such not be kept with fish that are small enough to be considered food. They can usually be kept with not to small invertebrates. Marine Betta fish can if they are kept well feed usually be kept with smaller fish without touching them. However you should be aware of the risk that the smaller fish gets eaten if you try this. (try at you own risk) Marine Betta fish should never be kept with fast eating fish like damsels.